Viva la Vida Bistro

Preț Moderat
Strada Michael Weiss 13, Brașov

Viva la Vida Bistro

Preț Moderat
Strada Michael Weiss 13, Brașov
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Ți-am pregătit o atmosferă relaxantă cu un decor șic inspirat din nevoia de a te face să te simți cât mai bine la noi. Timpul a devenit o resursă foarte importantă și de aceea ne dedicăm fiecare secundă pentru a pregăti cele mai sănătoase preparate pentru tine și apropiații tăi.

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24 iulie 2022 15:37

I'm giving you five stars, even if there's place for improvement, because you have one amazing waiter (he was the one serving me and friends every time). He is well trained. Don't lose him. Also the staff was nice in general. The location is cute and cosy. Most of the dishes are amazing and well balanced, but please tell the cook to be more careful with the asparagus, as it was either over or undercooked and also the rice needed some seasoning every time, as it was too bland.

I will come back for some dishes though, like the Bream fillet with parsnip puree. That one was perfect
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19 august 2022 15:58

Food took around an hour to arrive and the place was not full at all. It was also quite expensive considering the price per quality. My spicy meal was not spicy at all but it was decent nonetheless. The mojito was bad compared to other places but the candy apple was great. They did mess up orders by giving me flat water instead of sprakling but I see this mistake happen often.
The interior and music was welcoming though so props to that, I really liked the wall bookcase :)
Lots of pros and cons so I suppose it is luck based. That is why I am giving Viva la Vida a 3 star rating. There is room for improvement.
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27 august 2022 23:36

We were rudely shown the door, because we were three people at a table of five seats on the terrace and refused to be accommodated inside the restaurant, at a table of four seats. I happened to pass the restaurant later: four people were sitting at that five seats table. Thus, the owner threw out three customers to get one more. Awfully inconsiderate and mean. It is ironic that the banner of the restaurant boasted a slogan sounding like this:”Make the world a better place.”
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16 august 2022 21:17

The pasta is very nice
And the food arrived quite quickly
However, the burgers were way too cooked (burnt)…
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29 august 2022 23:30

The waitress who took our order was new and didn’t know much, she had to go ask someone else about some of the things on the menu, she mixed up the order and brought us something else and it took over 1 hour of waiting for a burger that was not done right and was way overcooked. Not worth it!
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