Rasta Bar Jamaica

Strada Michael Weiss 29, Brașov
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PUB in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, mult lemn, fum, muzica reggae , lume buna, mancare grozava, preturi bune, atmosfera intotdeauna, separeu intim .

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Andreea Diana
12 iunie 2018 20:49

The tropical lemonade tasted like water with orange flavour, the fruits were left overs from the orange fresh juice l think... horrible!
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Stefan Dumitru
12 iunie 2018 08:28

Nice atmosphere, good drinks, excellent food and very good music. If you're looking for a quiet place to have a drink, in the city centre, this is the place. You will be served by a very nice staff, while enjoying good music and the air of the old city.
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Flavia Dobrescu
20 aprilie 2018 14:47

Food is terrible. I never had worse nachos in my life. The setup is rather outdated. But it s a good place to go if everywhere else is full. Jamaica is rarely full. And the waiters will let you sit in till late, which is a plus.
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Mike Mircea Vatavu
8 mai 2018 10:13

The food is ok..but the "papanasi" were amazing. Very delicious desert and very filling. The street atmosphere of Brasov is great. Chill and enjoy a great drink, socialise a great place to come in a group.
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John Joe Vattathara
19 februarie 2018 04:04

It's a really good looking restaurant and have a really good staff. The food takes quite a bit of time to get ready and the it's too costly if you're a student. The bathrooms are really neat.
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