Rasta Bar Jamaica

Strada Michael Weiss 29, Brașov
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PUB in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, mult lemn, fum, muzica reggae , lume buna, mancare grozava, preturi bune, atmosfera intotdeauna, separeu intim .

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Tudor Teisanu
7 august 2018 08:12

Good place to have a few beers. I don t recommend ordering food at late hours. The chicken burger was pretty dry and a bit cold.
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Michael Kobaivanov
24 august 2018 11:18

You order the food, it takes 45 minutes to arrive but it's cheap, smells wrong and tasetes ok. You leave the restaurant happy and your belly is full and arrive home. The moment you pull down your pants and seat on the toilet seat, you understand the mistake that been made. We ate there 5 people. 5 out of 5 of us had diarrhea and puked the whole night and the following day. Do not enter this place. Do not eat there. For your own safety -STAY AWAY!!!!
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1 !
11 septembrie 2018 23:02

Reasonably priced, fresh food, cosy, awesome staff and cool background music. The music is not too loud making it ideal for socializing.
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Oana Serban
8 septembrie 2018 11:55

I had a very nice time here. It has good food, great staff and lovely atmosphere.
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Kim Ellis
12 august 2018 18:37

Pretty good prices, very friendly staff... Multiple waitstaff made sure we had been helped. My only complaint was that they were playing kinda raunchy "cheating" movies inside (movies where a spouse is cheating on the other spouse). But we were outside so I only caught bits and clips of that.
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