Rasta Bar Jamaica

Strada Michael Weiss 29, Brașov
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PUB in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, mult lemn, fum, muzica reggae , lume buna, mancare grozava, preturi bune, atmosfera intotdeauna, separeu intim .

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Razvan Carstoiu
25 iulie 2019 19:20

Nice place, good food, good service.
We had some mushroom cream soup, a burger (one of several types) and Jamaican chicken - all excellent, right down to the still-pink-in-the-middle burger.
Our waiter (Dănuț) was great, we got very good service.
We only drank lemonade, but it was full of fruit pieces and tasty.
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Valio Mihailov
10 august 2019 22:57

The place is good, but the personal no. When we order we wait over an hour to call the waiter to ask for our orders and i think he forgot our orders before and after 15 minutes he took our order. I didn't came back here sorry.
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MrGruber0 .
21 septembrie 2019 19:24

It has cider, the only thing I drink. (even though bit pricey) nice atmosphere, lovely music.
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david Keinan
18 august 2019 23:23

The atmosphere is good, the food quality is not so good!
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Ionut Isos
4 iulie 2019 11:17

One of the few bars that stays open late in brasov. Good service and a wide range of drinks.
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