Rasta Bar Jamaica

Strada Michael Weiss 29, Brașov
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PUB in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, mult lemn, fum, muzica reggae , lume buna, mancare grozava, preturi bune, atmosfera intotdeauna, separeu intim .

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John Joe Vattathara
19 februarie 2018 04:04

It's a really good looking restaurant and have a really good staff. The food takes quite a bit of time to get ready and the it's too costly if you're a student. The bathrooms are really neat.
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Alexandra-Gabriela Stanca
6 ianuarie 2018 23:52

Quite a nice place, great location, relatively good prices. It can get incredibly crowded during evenings. The staff is ok, but not the politest I've come across. Nachos were simply horrible. Didn't like the fact that my friend's drink didn't come with some ice in/alongside it. Food is a bit pricey. The location of the toilet is at best debatable.
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Andrei Alexandru Taranu
6 martie 2018 08:03

Good music. Good food. Overall a nice bar
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Christian Chelu
13 ianuarie 2018 13:00

Good place to go out in the evening for some drinks and food.
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Nail Glaze
1 decembrie 2017 22:10

Great food and nice personnel. I recommend the grilled salmon with broccoli :-)
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