Pizza Delicio

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Strada Transilvaniei 21, Brașov
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Luni - Duminică
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Păreri despre "Pizza Delicio"

14 august 2019 20:40

Overall a great restaurant, with a modern vibe. The food is simply outstanding , amd the prices aren't too exaggerated ( I recommend the pasta)
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Terrorx Beast
1 mai 2019 16:09

They serve some of the best pizza I have ever got a taste of, would definitely recommend to anyone, I was never disappointed by their service!
Deliveries take a bit but it is manageable, if they could improve that I can certainly tell that it this establishment would be the best pizzeria in town!
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Gabriel Constantin
30 martie 2019 11:15

One of the bests pizzas in town. It's located in one of the silent parts of town and the inside decorations are very warm and welcoming. Must visit if you're in town.
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Bogdan Balaban
8 martie 2019 10:21

One of the best pizza places in Brasov. A little bit hard to find if you are not a local. Thay also have home delivery for pizza and not only for pizza. The place is appropriate for children as they have special chairs for them. prices are in middle range.
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vasilica iftimie
16 mai 2019 08:16

Nice place, tasty pizzas 😁
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