Pizza Delicio

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Strada Transilvaniei 21, Brașov
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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Pizza Delicio"

ciprian mittelstaedt
19 mai 2018 22:22

It's a very nice place with good pizza and it's not too expensive. Nice rooms with interesting decorations and at every tabel there are different seats. And it's a bit tricky to find.
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Teo Gerald
2 aprilie 2018 22:53

Tried to order take away from the shop itself. The shop does not entertain take away. The manager did not sound too friendly. Finally ordered the chicken pizza, pasta and tiramisu online. Pizza and chicken piece was way too dry, pasta was too salty, tiramisu was too sweet. Ate less than half of it for the above 3 courses. Was disappointed.
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גבריאל ווסרמן
1 martie 2018 07:02

A very clean and modern designed resturant. They serve italian food mostly pizzas and pastas. Fair prices and good overall taste.

The pizza was really good with real mozzarella cheese. The pasta was less impressive.
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Z. Zauxst
19 mai 2018 00:06

Great pizza. People might not enjoy it because it can be a bit too oily.
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Stefan Tudor
15 aprilie 2018 23:00

Good pizza place with good prices
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