Pizza Delicio

Strada Transilvaniei 21, Brașov
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Luni - Duminică
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Păreri despre "Pizza Delicio"

Pal Norbi
19 octombrie 2017 13:20

Really nice place to eat. Not a big place, but i did enjoy staying there. The music wasn't the best
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Flavia Dobre
21 septembrie 2017 00:23

Good pizza and pasta. Loved it! The place looks really nice!
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Paul Pascalin
28 octombrie 2017 21:38

A really good place to eat. Trying to be much fancier than it actually is.
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Ana Maria
30 iunie 2017 18:20

Nice place with good prices, not a really big variety of food tho, just pizza and pastas. Friendly staff. If you want to order at home, you have to be prepared with a lot of patience, becase it will take at least an hour and a half.
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Vlad Rusu
1 mai 2017 14:54

Great delivery services. There are always special offers to suit every kind of offer. There is an hour minimum wait time when delivering but it's worth the wait.
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