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Strada Carpenului 1 A, Brașov
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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 22:00
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A Alin
2 februarie 2019 22:47 Rezervat în data de 2 februarie 2019 prin

Burgerii super ok, localul arata bine, insa timpul de asteptare e un pic cam mare....50 fucking minutes!! :o

L Lenke
5 martie 2018 13:05 Rezervat în data de 2 martie 2018 prin

Passage este o locatie placuta, cu personal prompt, servicii de calitate si mancare unica.

L Loredana
7 mai 2017 17:13 Rezervat în data de 6 mai 2017 prin

Locatia este perfecta, departe de agitatia orasului permitandu-ti astfel sa te bucuri in liniste de super burgerii de acolo! Excelenta mancare, servire rapida si personal prietenos, recomand cu mare drag localul si cu siguranta voi reveni!

24 iulie 2019 20:34

Probably remains the best burger place in town. Sometimes they're more delicious than other times, but overall really worth it. Staff is kind, the atmosphere is okay and the location is not bad neither. I strongly recommend trying their burgers at least once (the Frenchman is my favorite).
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Catalin Mihaita Sima
5 iulie 2019 08:31

Easy to find. Nice restaurant with also a outside seating area. Nice menu with few choices. Tried 2 burgers an a salad and was not disappointed. Tasty meat, well cooked and the sides sauce was a miracle. We also order desert, a delicious panacota. The toilets are very clean. There are no unwanted smells. The service was good an preparation time was decent (10m) The best choice when you want a burger in Brașov
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Tom K.
2 iulie 2019 23:31

The Burger at this place is really great! The Taste comes from the sauce and the sauce is good! Additionally, the french fries were like they should be! So the menu was good! I know only 1 other place in Brasov, which i prefer for burger. So ist is really good!
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Corina C
22 martie 2019 21:20

The place looks really nice. It's a trendy place at the moment so you can expect to wait for a table. The burgers are good, good cooked but not extraordinary. Unfortunately my piece of beef from burger had some bits of beef cartilage and it wasn't such a pleasure. The Two Guys burger is the greatest piece of the menu, so one should definately should try it.
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Mihai Stoian
5 mai 2019 13:04

Very good burgers. The place give you a positive energy especially after you have eat. Accessible location by car. They also have a wonderful lemonade.
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