Opus 9

Piața George Enescu 9, Brașov

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Un loc unde se impart zambete si unde va puteti relaxa in voie!

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 23:00
09:00 - 01:00
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Păreri despre "Opus 9"

Liviu Andrei
3 mai 2019 16:03

Very nice food and services. The place offers more of an chat atmosphere for young people,but can be also visited by the elderly.
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Q Val
16 mai 2019 19:23

Hung out here with a friend before my birthday. It's very beautiful and chill and kind of hipster-ish but not quite. Very tasteful place, which is in tone with their tasty food. I ordered the chicken and mushroom pasta and not only is it incredibly good, you actually get enough food in your plate to leave the place more than satisfied. Well-made, great portion size.

Good lemonade, good coffee. Have yet to try some of their signature drinks (which they serve in mason jars, and they look awesome) and smoothies they offer.
The service was also really good. Server brought out my friend's espresso and when he set it down, some of it spilt over. Not a lot, just like a spoon or something. He took it back and brought a new one out, we didn't have to say a single thing. I personally was impressed by this, really nice thing to do. Friendly staff, they're eager to help you out with whatever you need, and will announce you if they can or can't make your order as you want it. You can actually see they enjoy working there. I liked that.

Also a nice setting outside. You're in the city center but not IN it, not painfully so. Quiet enough to be an intimate place, but also entertaining enough to know you're in a central location of this beautiful city.
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N Silviu
18 mai 2019 20:13

Great place for chill moments.
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John Price
26 martie 2019 09:43

Ok food. Good atmosphere and service
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Vlad Cursaru
8 februarie 2019 13:48

Good atmosphere, wide menu selection, friendly staff, great music. An all around cosy place.
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