Muzz Bistro

Preț Premium
Tudor Arghezi 23, Brașov

Muzz Bistro

Preț Premium
Tudor Arghezi 23, Brașov
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Pe un loc cu istorie industriala a Brasovului, acum populat de oameni si experiente noi, Muzz este local concept menit sa le gadile simturile pasionatilor de vin, de cafea, de social si nu numai.

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Marți - Duminică
10:00 - 17:00


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22 martie 2022 17:48

Very aesthetic place for coffee and deserts lovers! My favourites are latte and chocolate cookie 🍪
I would say it is a must visit & try place in Coresi Brasov!
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20 martie 2022 17:17

My favorite shop in Brasov!!
Clean, friendly, trendy, convenient to the accomodations and the coffee is always perfect!!!

Pastries are fresh and go well with the coffee menu!!!
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15 iulie 2021 11:23

Amazing vegan desserts, great vibes/music, friendly staff!
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11 noiembrie 2020 12:24

Excelent vegan cakes! I think they are the best in town when it comes to healthy, organic, vegan sweets.
The coffee is from Croitoria de cafea(one of the best local roasteries), teas are excelent as well. I slso tried the fruits in a water jar this summer(I think it’s unique in town and it’s soooo awesome). They have a good wine selection as well(my favorite is the dry Liliac).
They also offer products from a Romanian artist(T-shirts, bags, etc) and their take on Nutella: a lovely vegan spread with hazelnuts and non-toxic.
A must bisit spot!
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31 mai 2020 18:30

Lovely place with specialty coffee, wine, sweets without sugar and many more. The staff is very nice and friendly and location really good, across the street of Coresi Shopping Resort.
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