L'Altra Idea

Bd. 15 Noiembrie 98, Brașov
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La doi pasi de agitatia centrului civic din Brasov, poti lua un pranz de afaceri, sau poti evada la o relaxanta cafea. Sigur vei ramane la o pizza sau un pahar cu vin, iar vara te poti bucura impreuna cu prietenii, la o bere pe terasa, dupa o cina minunata.

Pentru noi, calitatea nu este un concept abstract, este rezultatul pasiunii pentru arta culinara, motiv de mandrie pentru echipa noastra de maestri bucatari.

Impreuna construim o traditie - Adevarata savoare italiana!

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 23:59
Sâmbătă - Duminică
09:00 - 23:59


Păreri despre "L'Altra Idea"

Dimitry Marin
9 februarie 2018 18:24

Awesome that they worked on 1 January. Easy to find. Good variety of food. It's quite small this place, almost every time is crowded. Pizza was good. Pasta was good too. Italian breakfast is so big and good.
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George Lazar
30 ianuarie 2018 09:20

Great food, great ambiance, staff could use a little work (specifically the boys, the girls being nicer) and so does their pizza. Everyone next to me that ordered it, myself included, ended up asking for a takeaway box. It was rather bad. What I do suggest though is the ham and cheese omlette and the chocolate pancakes. (Y)
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Caspar Bielok
7 ianuarie 2018 09:46

Been walking past this place lots of times. Finally went in and it was a real gem! Especially now it's no longer allowed to smoke inside restaurants. Ok, there are the usual TV sets non stop showing sport but the food is simple but so good! Stunningly good actually. Plus in huge portions and so cheap. Just go there.
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Costin Gabriel
6 martie 2018 10:22

Perfect place for morning breakfast and dinner. Low prices and the food, the food is amazing and nice staff as well. One of the best restaurants in Brasov. Strongly recommended!
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Razvan Negri
18 februarie 2018 20:52

Best italian restaurant in Brașov. Quality ingredients and very dedicated owners.
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