New York Cafe Brasov

Bd. Victoriei 14, Brașov
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Robert Zsido
3 februarie 2018 01:00

Nice coffe shop in the centre of Brasov with parking spots in front of the bar,the tematic is New york as the name , if you are a coffe maniac as I am you shoukd ask for the happy menu (coffe and juice at choice)
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Alexandru Obsidian
18 noiembrie 2017 19:02

The waiters are generally really nice and the hookah thing they've got going out there is pretty ok, especially when it comes to the banana flavours. For just about 4-5€ you and one other friend can get enough of a hookah fix for the day. The draught beer is great and it's also extremely cheap, as in less than 1€. The cinnamon cappucino is AMAZING and the hot chocolate is great too. The hot chocolate comes with a wafer and many different flavours. I suggest the coconut one for taste and the mint one for the pudding-like consistency. As always, this is my personal opinion but, if i had someone coming over i would 100% consider taking them out for a nice coffee and a hookah at the New York Café. 79/100 in my books. Check it out if you're in town ;).
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Denis Gandzii
28 ianuarie 2018 09:47

Not recommended, only if you want shisha, over way try something else.
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1 decembrie 2017 03:43

Good quality staff
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Nagy Gruia
11 noiembrie 2017 20:00

Nice cosy place with good prices
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