Festival 39

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Strada Republicii 62, Brașov
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Atmosfera caracteristica inceputului de secol XX, perioada interbelica, cu diverse elemente si accesorii originale din anii '30, amplasate cu scopul de a crea atmosfera intima a unei cafenele la sosea, local atat de raspandit in aceea perioada.

Studiate cu grija, efectele cromatice si ambientale sunt dedicate mentinerii separatiei cu lumea exterioara, incercandu-se ancorarea consumatorului in atmosfera creata.

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1 iulie 2018 09:14

just go there and you'll see where the 5th comes from... loved the one in Bucharest, was practically my home for quite a few years (closed now) and the Brașov one is actually better.
the living proof that people matter more than the place. excellent food, pretty good selection of assorted drinks, great jazzy atmosphere.
opening their door really feels like you're going back in time!
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martina filippetto
19 august 2018 00:02

Usually in Romania a glass of HOUSE WINE of 200/250ml costs 6lei. This is a very chic cafe but the service is absolutely the worst. We sat down outside and only after ten minutes of sitting down (the place was not full) amd many attempts at calling the attention of the waiter, somebody finally came to take our order. We ordered two glasses of house wine. At the end we asked for the bill and they forgot (it took them another ten minutes to bring it). The bill for two glasses of 150ml was 28lei: more than double than normal Romanian prices.
We asked for clarifications and they told us that they brought us the best wine they had by the glass. We didn't ask for the best wine but just for the house wine. After arguing with the owner and the waiter they went with the excuse that all of the wines by the glass are house wines for them. Then I really don't understand why they brought us the most expensive one. If the service is good like the owner claims, then they should ASK which wine we want if they have more than one and not bring the most expensive one "to impress us". The only impression we had was that they were trying to take advantage of us!
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Alexandru Totan
26 septembrie 2018 01:05

This place is easily the best restaurant/pub to serve a wide variety of excellent cocktails !! You cand find everything you can imagine here, and trust me when I say I tries a lot of them, and everything I tried it.s perfect and delicious. The waiters are really nice and respectful and if you never seen this place before, I can asume you.ll be impressed even by the interior design. Really good place to drink, not necessarily to eat, but it.s great if you want a cozy, old fashioned style pub to get your girlfriend or wife. 100% recommended for best cocktails in Brasov !
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Eugen Stribitchi
25 septembrie 2018 22:46

Nice place good food. Was expecting a little bit better service , but over all good place.
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jonathan wexler
25 septembrie 2018 09:37

I went, looking for an "early" breakfast. Early in Brasov, is anything before 10 am. I had reviewed the menu and was disappointed to be told they do not serve breakfast from the menu items before...you guessed it. 10.

What is offered from 7 to 10 is a buffet catering to the hotel. The buffet includes hot dogs, small sausages, fried and scrambled eggs. Cold cereal, white bread and. Cheese.

The price is $20 leu.

So why give them 3 stars? Because they are open. Other than McDonalds, I can find no early morning breakfast. The buffet itself is a 3 star at best.

Service involved never being offered coffee (none visible on the buffet), by a waiter surfing his phone.
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