Festival 39

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Strada Republicii 62, Brașov
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Atmosfera caracteristica inceputului de secol XX, perioada interbelica, cu diverse elemente si accesorii originale din anii '30, amplasate cu scopul de a crea atmosfera intima a unei cafenele la sosea, local atat de raspandit in aceea perioada.

Studiate cu grija, efectele cromatice si ambientale sunt dedicate mentinerii separatiei cu lumea exterioara, incercandu-se ancorarea consumatorului in atmosfera creata.

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Cherry C
26 septembrie 2019 20:18

Lovely atmosphere, on first look. After seated, couldn't manage to talk to each other, as for the noisy speakers. So asked them to put the volume down a little. Not much happened. So we got our starter drinks. Good. Then, 30 - 40' later we had to call for the guy to come and take our order as no-one asked if we're ready to order. Food was ok, not outstanding. Tried the beef and vegetables stir fry, which came without any side dish. I guess it would be nice to be told there is nothing included on the side so you can order some rice, bread, potatoes. Anything to go with the rich oriental sauce the well-prepared beef and broccoli was swimming in. I asked the waiter to get me some bread. He did get it, well after I finished my meal. Thank you very much... Not! 😟 And the music was still loud. Bye bye ! Don't think I'll visit again.
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Daria Iştoc
16 iulie 2019 02:55

One of my old time places in Brașov. It keeps the tradition and old vibe of the place alive. I live their breakfast deals. So good and worth it. Their menu is quite broad and suitable for everyone. A must see place in Brașov
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himenoinu .
23 septembrie 2019 21:44

The restaurant has a menu that ought to satisfy most eating habits, is spacious and has a pleasant atmosphere. But the prices are quite steep and the service is horribly slow (as I don't consider waiting 20 minutes for a single drink anything else).

They also have chairs for small kids.
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Andi Buricatu
20 iulie 2019 01:03

This place has a fantastic setup but it has certainly seen better days. Breakfast combos are a great value for money and if you're lucky you can even get a great omelette. I guess it depends on what chef is on duty. Goulash soup is really good, I certainly recommend it but service in general is sloppy and slow. It seems like a former gem that has lost its lustre. They certainly need to readjust the menu.
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Sverker Hasselberg
24 iulie 2019 21:02

Quality of food is very uneven. One Day ok and The other almost not eatable. It all depends on what team they have in The kitchen. Service is slow but friendly. I can not recommend as there are better alternatives in side Streets. Giving this restaurant 5 stars as many done is Hard to understand. Avoid.
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