Festival 39

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Strada Republicii 62, Brașov
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Atmosfera caracteristica inceputului de secol XX, perioada interbelica, cu diverse elemente si accesorii originale din anii '30, amplasate cu scopul de a crea atmosfera intima a unei cafenele la sosea, local atat de raspandit in aceea perioada.

Studiate cu grija, efectele cromatice si ambientale sunt dedicate mentinerii separatiei cu lumea exterioara, incercandu-se ancorarea consumatorului in atmosfera creata.

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Adam Brindley
15 martie 2019 17:55

Good food, good service, great music. The potato cream soup was pretty good. The lights were too dim for my liking though, but otherwise the place looks very old-style and nice.
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ral ioa
27 februarie 2019 16:11

I like the hot chocolate. Very pleasant decorations and atmosphere. Food eatable. A but costy, but eating there is enjoyable. The soups are great.
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Strauneanu Caterina
2 martie 2019 12:15

Great atmosphere! We really wanted a room upstairs and our waiter did his best to fit our need. Such great service.
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Buza Jonny
13 ianuarie 2019 12:46

Great atmosphere and a lovely place overall. A bit expensive, but the food tastes good. The personnel is kind and the music is at pleasant levels. The only odd thing that I have found is that some of the waiters were dressed as normal people and at first I had no idea why an ordinary guy was asking me what I want. Good place for an evening with your loved one.
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13 aprilie 2019 22:19

Great mood! Really good prices and great atmosphere, jazz night on saturday, service was fast and food really good. Definetly recommend!
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