Festival 39

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Strada Republicii 62, Brașov
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Atmosfera caracteristica inceputului de secol XX, perioada interbelica, cu diverse elemente si accesorii originale din anii '30, amplasate cu scopul de a crea atmosfera intima a unei cafenele la sosea, local atat de raspandit in aceea perioada.

Studiate cu grija, efectele cromatice si ambientale sunt dedicate mentinerii separatiei cu lumea exterioara, incercandu-se ancorarea consumatorului in atmosfera creata.

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1 iulie 2018 09:14

just go there and you'll see where the 5th comes from... loved the one in Bucharest, was practically my home for quite a few years (closed now) and the Brașov one is actually better.
the living proof that people matter more than the place. excellent food, pretty good selection of assorted drinks, great jazzy atmosphere.
opening their door really feels like you're going back in time!
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Razvan Alexandru Andriescu
17 iunie 2018 16:37

Lovely place to have a pint and some food in Brașov. The place has got an amazing vibe and takes you back in time. I recommend this place.
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Flo rida
27 februarie 2018 21:35

I found the place very interesting, feels like walking back in time for a bit. The food was not the best ever, but very nice though, weren't disappointed. Some might found the waiters cold and rude, I thought they were strictly professionals, our waiter would make a great butler. Was polite and helpful, we weren't too much aware he was there lol. I personally prefer this kind of waiter service, not too talkative and disrupting the conversation. The place will come down to personal taste after all, some will love it while some will hate it. I personally like it, would come back again
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Stefan Dumitru
15 iunie 2018 12:50

A brilliant atmosphere, you can experience the 20th century experience right in the middle of the old city. The food- amazing, the staff-very nice and helpful, the drinks-you can find whatever you are looking for.
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Shai Soroka
9 august 2018 14:05

Nice and chic. Food is great. Staff are helpful.
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