Cafe 13

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Str. Republicii 13, Brașov
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Oras medieval, multiculutral si vibrant, Brasovul isi spune povestea prin multitudinea de monumente istorice, legende si personalitati ce i-au marcat destinul.
De la legendele cu vrajitoare inecate in lacul de la capatul strazii Republicii, la parada multicolora a junilor, orasulo de la poalele Tampei surprinde calatorul cu un meniu atractiv: o plimbare prin 800 de ani de istorie, un urcus pe munte, evenimente culturale dupa gust, iar la desert...un redez-vous la Cafe 13, in inima orasului.

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Ioana-Loredana Voilean
28 decembrie 2018 20:42

Great atmosphere, good drinks and sisha.Totally recommend.
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Indie G.
22 septembrie 2018 17:08

It's a beautiful and chilled place to enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the locals passing by. It is located in a lovely street in Braşov downtown, and they have this Lavender Gin and Tonic. If you like G&T, you should definitely try this one! Very refreshing drink. Enjoy the local cuisine and have fun in Braşov!
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Yousuf Bin Melaih
29 decembrie 2018 22:23

Bad service as you have to wait at least 30 min for shisha.
They should change the name of Cafe to Bar as no drinks except wine and beer and to be honest water also.
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Petre Danut Andrei
10 ianuarie 2019 12:57

Locație ok
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alex alexandre
21 iulie 2018 15:37

Very good chicha. I'm from France and I'm really impressed by the quality of chicha. They are really good and the people are really friendly. Very good place to go
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