Cafe 13

Str. Republicii 13, Brașov
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Oras medieval, multiculutral si vibrant, Brasovul isi spune povestea prin multitudinea de monumente istorice, legende si personalitati ce i-au marcat destinul.
De la legendele cu vrajitoare inecate in lacul de la capatul strazii Republicii, la parada multicolora a junilor, orasulo de la poalele Tampei surprinde calatorul cu un meniu atractiv: o plimbare prin 800 de ani de istorie, un urcus pe munte, evenimente culturale dupa gust, iar la desert...un redez-vous la Cafe 13, in inima orasului.

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Stefania Ionita
20 decembrie 2017 16:21

Cosy place, nice serving (altough we’ve waited for at least 30 min), big portions, very good quesadilla 😁
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Jane Doe
1 octombrie 2017 14:04

It's the only place in Brasov (that I know of) where you can smoke shisha. Indoors! And it's of pretty good quality even though they prepare different flavors in the same shisha. However, tobacco is not allowed. A downside is that it gets crowded in the evening and you might have to wait your turn for a shisha to become available.
From what I tried, their coffee is really good and they have a wide selection. They serve cocktails as well and almost every alcoholic drink. Food is also on the menu, all of the things I tried were tasty.
The place is quite small but well ventilated so you won't be bothered by the smoke.
The waiters are super friendly and helpful.
I recommend this place even to non smokers.
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Anthony Dimitrov
3 noiembrie 2017 00:53

Marek Hamšík didn’t make a nargile for us, but did for the table next to us
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Marie-Hélène Cloutier
13 iulie 2017 18:38

Nice choice of food, and good too. Shisha was a bit expensive for my taste but overall nice experience. Terrace was great, though in the middle of many more
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Darren Pointon
31 ianuarie 2018 22:59

Pretty trendy good food nice view
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