Aha Bistro & Lounge

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Strada Lucian Blaga 8 A, Brașov
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Un bistro cochet, amenajat pe doua nivele, cu un meniu variat de mancare, ce pleaca de la mic dejun pana la cine festive...

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 00:00
12:00 - 00:00
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Păreri despre "Aha Bistro & Lounge"

C Cristina
19 decembrie 2018 22:37 Rezervat în data de 19 decembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Excelent.servire ireproșabilă.mancare bună.atmosfera grozavă.

C Carmen
15 august 2018 21:29 Rezervat în data de 15 august 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Mâncarea genială, atmosferă grozavă, servire ireproșabilă. Nota 20!

Liviu Andrei
3 mai 2019 16:10

Very nice place to eat really good food and hang out with your friend.This place offers indoor and outdoor eating services.
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horatziu cenusa
23 noiembrie 2018 18:55

Close your eyes and point something from menu. Open now! Just get it because I quaranty for a tasty good deal!
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RA ptor
4 martie 2019 19:27

Excelent food and a great place
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Radu Tanase
24 iulie 2018 19:15

Good dishes and nice personal. Clean and cosy. You enjoy better the place when you start to be recognized by the people there. Nice atmosphere and good music. Instead of joining a club you can have a nice night in town right there.
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Bianca Dubar
16 august 2018 09:52

The food is just OK, not as tasty as they sound or they look in the images from the menu, and because a lot of people who say the food is "very good" they won't try to make it better because they don't find motivations to do it. It's only food to ingest, not food which creates you a pleasure with it's taste.
The music is too loud and sometimes you can't hear what the other is speaking.
Maybe is a marketing Ideea for their customers to feel like they are at the club or at a beach bar without sand, palm trees and a beautiful view of the sea.
Anyway, the prices are as in the centre of the city.
At lunch you may find during the weekday a daily menu which is good and has a good price.
As a tourist, my opinion is that it doesn't worth bordering coming from the center of the city to this place. Many people come here because they have images of themselves to show off, they believe they are cool and don't admit that they are posing in important people, elegant, rich, but they are only scared to face the reality of themselves.
So, if you are a tourist, you can find better places in the heart of the city.
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