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Strada Lunga 66, Brașov
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Us, Addiction team, love what we do, and want to make you feel like you are everything to us. The food, the service, the ambiance, the music, the view, the soul involved, it's all for you. Will get you addicted on Addiction the Ranch! Food and quality, our main priority!!!

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


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S Sandra
15 noiembrie 2019 13:30 Rezervat în data de 14 noiembrie 2019 prin

Mancarea foarte buna, colegii mei au fost incantati. Servirea de 5*, patronul localului ne-a auzit ca discutam despre carnea de vita si a tinut sa ne serveasca cu o bucata de vita facuta de el. Verdict: excelenta! :) Multumim mult, o sa revenim cu drag!

D David
9 noiembrie 2019 22:47 Rezervat în data de 9 noiembrie 2019 prin

Nice service and awesome Food. Thx for the great evening and greetings from Germany

23 octombrie 2019 23:48

This is absolutely a must. Excellent cuisine, everything at the highest quality, great service and fairly priced.
Taste the local wine collection.
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Julian Hua
29 august 2019 11:16

The best place we ate in Romania. Came back twice and each time the food quality astounded me.

I have found alot of restaurants can make good food but only a few have that wow factor. This is one of those restaurants.

One visit we saw a young family with a 3-4yo boy and I don't think he said a single word he was so busy feeding his face. When I tasted our food, I could see why.

It's not cheap compared to typical Romanian prices but incredibly cheap considering the amazing taste, portions, drinks etc. And I would be sure to try this place over the tourist traps you might find in old town.

I'm usually not one to care for the service or decor but if you are, you won't be disappointed either. We had the loveliest waitress on the first night, who was simply superb.

If we're ever in Brasov again, we will definitely be returning.
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Josip M.
31 august 2019 21:57

Nicely decorated restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. Great cocktails, very tasty dishes. Friendly staff.
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triplux9000 .
14 septembrie 2019 22:08

5 star food , 5 star service , great if not the best in Brasov
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Robert Parnica
23 august 2019 17:18

if you want to eat something Romanian and you are in the city where I was born in Brasov, a tourist town where English people take vacations and you can go and you are a beautiful city, the prices are small, very low compared to other European cities you will like
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