Taverna Sarbului Sinaia

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Calea Codrului 39C, Sinaia, Valea Prahovei

Taverna Sarbului Sinaia

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Calea Codrului 39C, Sinaia, Valea Prahovei
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Se spune că în vârful furculiței poți aduna uneori veacuri întregi din existența unui teritoriu sau a unui popor. Și cât adevăr este în vorba asta! Gastronomia sârbească este exemplul cel mai puternic că gusturile unui neam pot traversa veacurile nu alterându-se, ci îmbogățindu-se de la cei care vremelnic i-au fost alături la drum. În creuzetul acestei bucătării naționale, cu o mie de savori inconfundabile, istoria a aruncat gusturile altor rețetare.

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Luni - Vineri
11:00 - 23:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 00:00


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D Dan
23 decembrie 2022 22:00 Rezervat în data de 23 decembrie 2022

18 iunie 2022 19:47

It’s always a nice experience with Taverna Sarbului Sinaia!
Big portions and good food!
-I’m talking about their specialty and food made by their house !Not about fish and all that kind of food you can eat anywhere . The some about vegetables.You come here to eat their specialty— grilled meat and that kind of products!
-You should try their famous ,,pljescavita”,home made sausages (all kind of it),their ,,jambon” home made also.Not forget ajvar (zacusca),proia (kind of serbian bread ).
I propose mix grill and to ask a waiter to personalize it for you( as you wish).
Not to try( it’s just ordinary kind of food you can find in every restaurant even better )-fish,chicken meat .
80% of their products are made by their house ! You should ask about it…
- for cash pay I received 10%-25% discount card ,I had to completed a formular . It’s ok for all their restaurants all around country.
As their client I can say I know their + and -!
*Plus - very good food at a reasonable price(the same prices as in the town but much bigger portions)and friendly staff.
*Minus - problem with the quality stuff so the friendliest are the oldest and if you had a bad experience,probably you had a bad luck with someone in the pass …
Discontinuity with card pay is also a minus but if you insist you get it.( don’t know why..)🤷🏻‍♂️however there is no discount as with cash pay!
-I can notice that ,it’s very often that the loyal customers get something on the house( me too)😋♥️👏👏.
Music is also a nice part of an atmosphere here. Somethimes they have a very quality music 🎶 but sometimes you can’t hear it because the restaurant is full and a little bit noisy than.
As a conclusion - this is good ,traditional serbian restaurant in carpatian mountains ,so,if you are looking for a good meal ,come here.
Good meal all the time but the atmosphere is the best usually in the evenings!
It’s near to the ,,telegondola “ so it’s very popular in the winter ,and full also ,but the summer here knows to be more beautiful! Especially if you are coming from 40deegres area than!
Sinaia is a beautiful place to come all the time but in the recent years especially thanks to the city managment who made this place more beautiful.
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13 noiembrie 2022 18:18

Great food! Pricy, but the food is super good, we had snitzel and plescavita. The plrscavita had an amazing taste.
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4 noiembrie 2022 19:08

Great location , great view! I had higher expectations from the food, but was a bit disappointing, the chicken was very dry, probably not that fresh…!
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3 iulie 2022 18:30

Delicious food, I've tried the bean soup with bacon simply the best, the big meals were very very big you can eat very good here
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14 octombrie 2022 17:05

My worst dine in experience in Romania. Put the customer at the corner and never pay attention anymore, long waiting time even the restaurant is not full and not even lunch/dinner time. Walk to the counter to ask for bill and the lady keep yelling go to table, go to table with angry face!! Worst customer service ever!!
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