Ramayana Cafe Sinaia

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Carol I 19, Sinaia, Valea Prahovei

Ramayana Cafe Sinaia

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Carol I 19, Sinaia, Valea Prahovei
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Ramayana Café & Restaurant Sinaia este un restaurant cu tematică indiană, care te întâmpină cu o selecție unică de ceaiuri, narghilele și preparate indiene.

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30 ianuarie 2024 16:52

The food was good, but the portions were not that big.
The ambiance is interesating. I wish they played indian/specific music to complete the experience. The western/modern music ruins the experience.
Good location.
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19 noiembrie 2023 12:02

A beautiful morning discovery that I regret not having visited in the evening too. the environment is extremely relaxing, the music chosen helps the vibes. Despite being a tourist place, the quality and selection of breakfast and tea is excellent. the prices are slightly expensive but considering the location and the quality of the service, not excessive.
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18 ianuarie 2024 16:59

Food was good. Could have used a bigger portion size though. Also the hummus was just garbanzo beans and lemon it was in serious need of tahini and olive oil. The restaurant is not for children, we moved seats to get away from the hookah smoke and then the staff was smoking behind the bar and we couldn't escape that.
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5 septembrie 2023 11:08

Great spot, cosy and warm, excellent food and awesome oriental design elements.
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5 martie 2023 10:57

I’ve been here multiple times, and the food is great! Also, they have an amazing variety of tea and serving is in some beautyful tea kettles. Last time I was there I had Chicken Tandoori (chicken legs slow cooked). Those were very spicy, they had chilli flakes on top. My friends had chicken Tikka Masala and tasted amazing - with a touch of spiciness. I honesty ate a big part of my boyfriend portion 😂. One friend had lamb Do-Piaza - very tender and no spice at all. The teas are all amazing. One friend had mango lassie (is in the photo), but I didn’t like it. At another visit we had all together 2 platters: Chutney and dips platter and Indian Platter. Was enough for 4 people. Also, you can find there Shisha if you like. Ramayana caffee is a cozy place where you can spend time with your friends. The staff are all friendly and profesional.
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