Zai Après Café Timisoara

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Str. Florimund Mercy 5, Timișoara

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Zai Après Café Timisoara nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Avem o bucatarie diversificata, unde poti servi micul dejun, prânzul, cina, cafea și băuturi.

Avem posibilitatea de a găzdui grupuri.

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Luni - Miercuri
08:00 - 23:45
Joi - Sâmbătă
08:00 - 04:00
10:00 - 23:45


Păreri despre "Zai Après Café Timisoara"

Peter Banach
4 aprilie 2019 21:31

Great food, interesting drinks, lovely ambience, nice staff... Can't think of anything that could be better actually! Ate there twice and would gladly come back next time I'm in Timisoara again. Recommended!
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Ioana Simbotin
20 aprilie 2019 16:55

Small but excellent menu, good cocktails. We were again for breakfast, which came a little slow. Can recommend it!
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6 mai 2019 14:41

After waiting for 15 minutes without anyone saying anything to us, we left. The thing is, they even saw us walking in, we made eye contact with the waiters ,but apparently they were too busy to sit at the bar. The place was 50% full so there is no excuse to wait that long.
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Pasca George
19 mai 2019 11:36

Nice coffee shop. Good coffee, plesant service.
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Nicoleta Matei
23 februarie 2019 19:43

Such a pleasant atmosphere, nice decor, good and relaxing music, and very clean. I've also noticed that each dish has a nice plating.
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