Zai Après Café Timisoara

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Str. Florimund Mercy 5, Timișoara

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Luni - Miercuri
08:00 - 23:45
Joi - Sâmbătă
08:00 - 04:00
10:00 - 23:45


Păreri despre "Zai Après Café Timisoara"

Oana Bogdescu
25 februarie 2018 11:23

I visited the place because I heard about it from someone living in Timișoara.
From the moment I got in, I noticed the nice place. The interior of the restaurant looks good. We first ordered some drinks. The waitress didn’t talk almost at all to us she just brought the menu, the food and that was it. No words and a straight face.
We ordered a lemonade and a special coffee. The lemonade was incredibly sour and even after I put some honey it was too sour to enjoy it. The special tiramisu coffee was just extremly sweet and nothing else.
We just hoped the food would be nice. We order some pasta, both were tasteless. We were starving we ate them but they were really bad.
So bad drinks, tasteless food and unfriendly stuff but a nice place. It’s a pity.
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Veronica Nitu
7 februarie 2018 10:47

Terrible service. Maybe it was just a moment, but the waitress was rude, unavailable for the most part of my visit, no vegetarian options and no flexibility on making the client feel good or welcome. I wont recommend it
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Adrian Gencia
30 octombrie 2017 17:23

Another great place plagued by poor staff. The location is lovely, also having a large patio, however the service is very slow. We ordered tea which arrived 15 minutes after we ordered, not to mention that it took the water 20-25 minutes to take our order. Supposedly there were also some complimentary snacks available which we found our about by mistake. I asked for some peanuts which I have received, and when noticed that they were not billed I was told it was complimentary... strange.
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Dan Budai
30 decembrie 2017 14:41

Cosy place, coffee is ok and overall it is nice. Cool place in the heart of Timișoara. Could use some new design but is nice.
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George Ionescu
17 februarie 2018 15:09

Good food. Right quality-price ballance.
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