Pizza Thalia Lipovei

Strada Holdelor 4, Timișoara
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Păreri despre "Pizza Thalia Lipovei"

Florian Vogl
25 iulie 2018 20:13

Very good food! Very crowded at our visit therefore service took quite some time. Waitresses could also speak English. Would recommend it.
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Levente Lucaci
21 august 2018 07:59

Good pizza and a large variety of other foods. Sometimes you have to wait a little longer for the food.
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Marius Borca
18 iulie 2018 12:37

Good food, terrible service. Sadly this is a recurring theme in our visit to România.
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Lazar Romeo
8 septembrie 2018 21:08

Great pizza. Also the food is good.
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Claudiu Barnut
4 iulie 2018 07:53

It is a good place to go to if you live nearby. The location of it makes if unattractive for visitors I belive, but.
They have decent prices, good pizza and some very good food.
It's also a good place to have a drink.
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