Pizza Thalia Lipovei

Strada Holdelor 4, Timișoara
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ramona lezau
22 august 2017 19:21

This is one of the best places to eat like a local in the city. The place has a big diversity, good services and decent prices. Totally reccomend!
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Serban Iliuta
1 septembrie 2017 18:57

The firsr 'order' was taken after aprox 15 minutes. I wouldnt say order, the waitress just throw us the menu.
Another 10 minutes just to place the order (food and drinks), the beers were delivered relatively quick but the second order i had to remind her several times to gave us something else (forgot about us several times - another 20 minutes waiting for one more beer)
Finnaly he bring us the pizza but instead ketckup he gave us tomato souce (the cheapest one, which is basically 95%water).
PS: their pizza upset my stomach real bad! :)
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Alexandru Ghita
2 august 2017 21:13

Ok food, but takes a long time for anything requiring the waiter attention (order, paying, etc.) Even giving the order was hard (talking in romanian didn't matter), as they didn't even know that what we ordered was in their menu.

Tried to eat here another time, but the smell from all the people smoking was unbearable. It is ilegal in Romania to allow smoking if the terrace is enclosed, and yet they are allowing it.
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Robert Bufu
7 august 2017 21:00

Very good and cheap food, including a la carte menu and pizza
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Alexandru P. Vîjă
23 februarie 2017 22:43

I think they serve the best pizza in town. Food has a fair price and good quality. I totally recommend a visit!
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