Pizza Thalia Lipovei

Strada Holdelor 4, Timișoara
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Păreri despre "Pizza Thalia Lipovei"

Szabo Emeric
30 mai 2019 23:23

Nice place, good food
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14 iunie 2019 21:01

Good pizza and nice people
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Cristian Voina
9 martie 2019 16:43

Lots of dishes, not necessarily very tasty but ok. Very large pizzas. The service is ok, some issues when the place crowded like late serving and mixing the order. Recomended if just in search of something to eat.
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Damian Black
14 iunie 2019 21:56

The food is very good
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Butunoi Bogdan
26 martie 2019 01:35

Cozy place with good pizza and decent music.
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