Pizza Thalia Lipovei

Strada Holdelor 4, Timișoara
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Costi g
6 august 2019 20:25

Food is good and the prices are moderate twords high. The local is decent, nothing fancy but quite pleasant. A good place to stop and eat, but nothing more.
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Mircea Harapu
21 iunie 2019 22:58

Disappointed by the way I was treated and left to wait half an hour just to make the order.
I received a different pizza than ordered and the quality was poor.
The dessert even worst.
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Handra Alin
2 august 2019 18:21

Very good regarding pizza and the prices are decent
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Dan Ienasescu
18 iulie 2019 13:28

Rude staff that don't have a basic understanding of what client oriented means
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Calintz010 .
14 iunie 2019 21:01

Good pizza and nice people
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