Radio Gaga English Pub

Strada Alexandru Lăpușneanu 7-9, Iași

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English pub autentic cu atmosfera englezeasca. Bere artizanala servita cu pasiune. Guinness, Joker IPA, London Pride, Delirium Tremens si multe altele.

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Luni - Duminică
16:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Radio Gaga English Pub"

Mihai Bojescu
28 decembrie 2018 13:02

Great atmosphere, but it is a bit crammed and it closes a bit early (12 P.M.). Has a small section of foreign beer. The staff is nice.
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3 februarie 2019 20:10

Intimate beer-theme friendly English pub. Belgian beers available.
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Ștefan-Bogdan Grigoraș
19 decembrie 2018 18:41

Central and cozy little pub. Perfect place to hang out and drink a beer.
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Adelina Negru
11 ianuarie 2019 07:08

Nice interior and good selection of beer, bit a bit pricey in my opinion.
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Mihai Marinca
19 august 2018 09:19

Small but very cosy bar with terrace in the walking area of the Iasi center. Lots of beers to select from, including local and somewhat "not-so-frequently-seen" brands; also some food available to go with them (haven't tried that, though). Good music - as the name says it :)
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