Magic Pizza

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu 2, Iași

Magic Pizza

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu 2, Iași
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11:00 - 02:00


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22 februarie 2020 13:33

Took ages to take our order. After taking the order, 15 minutes passed and they inform us that they don’t have the ingredients for what we ordered (4 different things)
Just find some other place, there are many better.

Edit: it’s even worse, they put the straw upside down.
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22 februarie 2020 13:28

Poor service. Took 15 minutes to tell me they don't have incredients for my drink. This repeated 2 more times. Spent about 30 minutes waiting to finally order something they do have. If you want to go out for a hot drink, there's other places.
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11 iunie 2018 22:32

My husband, who grew up in Iași, used to come here a lot and he keeps taking me to Magic Pizza every time we come to Iași. He orders a Tell 'em Phil Sent Ya pizza and he says that is gets worse everytime, but it still is a very good pizza. I find it an OK pizza, good when I am very hungry.
I guess they call Phil and ask if he really did send us, cause pizza arrives in about 30-40 minutes. To me that is not FAST ENOUGH food.
I am not a fan of the place but it grew on me.
Don't bother trying to understand what MOPSERIA means, apparently it has something to do with thr owner's physique. Nevermind. Enjoy your food and be on your way.
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5 decembrie 2019 21:06

This restaurant has moved 40m away, behind T1 student dorm. It's a nice place to take a meal and this place have a variety of good prieces and good services.
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2 septembrie 2016 20:11

Not the first choice in the area, not even in the top 10. The food is decent, but the staff is very rude and you almost have to beg to be served. The ambient and the music are also sub-average
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