Legend Pub

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Legend Pub nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
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Strada Anastasie Panu 31, Iași

Legend Pub

4,7 / 8 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Anastasie Panu 31, Iași
Legend Pub nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.

Legend este locul unde berea e mai rece decât ți-ai putea imagina, mâncarea este mai bună decât atunci când nu mai poți de foame, iar petrecerile sunt mai nebune decât orice-ai văzut înainte. De ce? Fiindcă trăim totul la superlativ. Despre asta este #Legend.

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4,7 / 8 voturi
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M Mihai
20 februarie 2021 05:38 Rezervat în data de 19 februarie 2021

Locul ideal de distractie,pacat ca s-a incheiat atat de devreme din cauza pandemiei vietii

O Oana
19 februarie 2021 22:05 Rezervat în data de 19 februarie 2021

S Simona
29 februarie 2020 10:08 Rezervat în data de 28 februarie 2020

N Nicolae
18 noiembrie 2019 19:06 Rezervat în data de 15 noiembrie 2019

D Dana
1 septembrie 2019 09:59 Rezervat în data de 30 august 2019

L Lucian
15 martie 2019 07:28 Rezervat în data de 14 martie 2019

A Adriana
17 februarie 2019 09:37 Rezervat în data de 16 februarie 2019

I Irina
16 februarie 2019 12:12 Rezervat în data de 15 februarie 2019

12 iunie 2021 17:31

They serve very tasty food and great coffee. Best parties on Friday with karaoke and Saturday. On Sunday and Tuesday you can play beerpong. Unfortunately, most of the staff is very impolite and pretentious.
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23 mai 2021 14:43

We came early Thursday afternoon to make a reservation for the Saturday's party. The barman (beard and "length" hair) did not understand our name so he asked us to write our name on the reservation book along with our phone number.
He confirmed our reservation for Saturday 8pm.

On Saturday we arrived as planned on time and the blonde woman could not see our name on her sheet. We explained to him that we came on Thursday and that his colleague made the reservation on the black book. The barman denied and he said he had never seen us and he didn't even want to listen to us or verify his mistake in the book.

It is just unacceptable that this employee does not know how to do his job properly and that in addition, he openly lies by making us look like crazy. Our night was ruined because of him.
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22 martie 2021 22:05

Great place for a beer out with friends, good selection of drinks. The food is also very good. The best ribs I've had in Iasi as well.
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7 martie 2021 20:20

A good place to get a beer and some alrighty food. It gets busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Especially, inside the restaurant, there is no social distancing and almost no one is wearing a mask. Gives you a 2019 feeling i guess 😅
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10 mai 2021 17:42

Nice, Petricã te pupã Alex
FloorAddictsCrew :))
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