Legend Pub

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Strada Anastasie Panu 31, Iași

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Legend este locul unde berea e mai rece decât ți-ai putea imagina, mâncarea este mai bună decât atunci când nu mai poți de foame, iar petrecerile sunt mai nebune decât orice-ai văzut înainte. De ce? Fiindcă trăim totul la superlativ.

Despre asta este #Legend.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Legend Pub"

Radu Gabriel
18 iunie 2019 00:18

We went for lunch. Even it wasn't full they served quite late even the daily menu. Food was tasteless. Some chicken wings had taste of fish. The American BBQ ribs were fat and tasteless. The cooling is done by some hanging air vents, but they not enough on hot summer. The service was ok.
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Madalin M
23 iunie 2019 09:31

If you're melancholic about old times like Pub25 style then you can feel that atmosphere again, only better since you have fresh air from outside during summer.
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Ioana D.
20 mai 2019 19:59

The kind of pub where you can chill with your friends. Decent prices. Good customer services. Some dishes are not that tasty.
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Rareş Istrate
26 iunie 2019 17:51

Very well done, good staff and a variety of things to sink your teeth into
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Stefan Matusa
6 iulie 2019 14:43

Came back in Iasi after 3 years.. stopped directly here.
Last time the whole experience was a great one- that's why i wanted to visit them before redescovering Iasi...
The burger had an reheated meat chunk.. the fries were also reheated... the parmesan was horrible placed- also the garlic..
The plastic like ceddar was "glued" to the dried bun
Tasted awfull...
At least the personnel is as nice as i remember- the reason for 3 stars.
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