Piața Unirii 12, Cluj

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Toulouse Cafe-Brasserie, este locul ideal unde te poti opri peste zi la o cafea sau unde poti servi micul dejun, pranzul sau cina. Avand un meniu de mancare international cu o selectie de vinuri bine aleasa de pe toate continentele, o gama variata de cocktail-uri atat clasice cat si creatii proprii, iar in bar regasindu-se aproape toate brandurile de bauturi existente pe piata.
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Liviu Taloi
16 octombrie 2018 20:46

Extraordinary good food, nice people, fast service. I would definitely come back. I am vegetarian. Heaven here.
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Iulia Ilea
14 octombrie 2018 21:33

Located in the heart of the city, it is a great place to have a well prepared cocktail - it has a great selection of gin and whisky. Good food too, even if I personally prefer places to eat.
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karla m
6 septembrie 2018 20:19

The outdoor terrace is amazing for the summer nights, the food is delicious , the wine selection is great and the staff is nice. One of the servers had funny socks:)) I would definitely come back!
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Roxana Mlendea
25 iulie 2018 13:27

I ate at Toulouse a few times, and the food was good almost each time (except when I ordered pasta with pesto and shrimps - it wasn't good at all).
The place is beautiful decorated, but it was opened in 2011 (if I'm not mistaken), and it needs a renovation.
The location is very good, in the center of the city.
The service is ok.
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Sven Ferioli
21 octombrie 2018 09:32

A charming place with a wonderful window on the world of whisky/whiskey /cognac/ brandy....lovely! And a right cost
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