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Strada Gheorghe Marinescu 5, Cluj

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Restaurant cu specific japonez din Cluj- Napoca, membru al All Japan Sushi Association.
De un deceniu in municipiu!

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C Ciprian
4 august 2017 13:26 Rezervat în data de 3 august 2017 prin

Excellent food, careful and considerate service, we ended up leaving as a very happy group of customers who can't wait to come back

Andrei Nejur
30 noiembrie 2018 20:02

Upper class Japanese food. The setting is a bit strange as the dining area is split among 3 or more floors in a former townhouse. Food is great but be prepared to drop some cash if you step inside hungry.
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Florin Andrei Cosma
12 decembrie 2018 21:27

Got nothing but praise for Tokyo. The food is excellent, the service the same, it's all so formal and nice and pleasant. I truly recommend this.
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Henrik Radem
4 decembrie 2018 12:45

Super fancy and very expensive. The fried vegetables where nice. But the rest of the vegetarian food was nothing special.

I had the vegetarian plate and veggie roll with fried asparagus.

My girlfriend said she likes the food. So I guess the sushi would be allright😊
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Ovidiu Chis
13 decembrie 2018 14:56

It it truly what one would can an memorable experience.The sushi is indeed upper class japanese cuisine, very well made with only the best ingredients (some of the fish served in Nigiri I have not had before in sushi places). Staff is very welcoming and well prepared to present and answer. The only reason this is a 4-star review is due to the seating/eating area which is rather weird (the restaurant is actually using a town house).
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Larisa Gota
18 noiembrie 2018 07:02

Five stars services and food. Whenever I feel like eating Japanese food, this place is on top of my list. The position of the restaurant is also convinient, being close to the center of the city.
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