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Strada Gheorghe Marinescu 5, Cluj

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Restaurant cu specific japonez din Cluj- Napoca, membru al All Japan Sushi Association.
De un deceniu in municipiu!

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C Ciprian
4 august 2017 13:26 Rezervat în data de 3 august 2017 prin

Excellent food, careful and considerate service, we ended up leaving as a very happy group of customers who can't wait to come back

Andrei Szabo
27 iulie 2018 09:42

So I really wanted to eat sushi with my bro coming over, as a tradition. Took the girls, went out, one of the restaurants I used to go to was closed, so we went to Tokyo. Overall the service is good. I think the prices are overrated because of the location and the inside finishes. Food is good quality, but I would not go back there because of the price. Oh, byw, 5 stars looks slightly different.
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Roman Pope
11 august 2018 18:22

Fancy, but affordable place. The sushi is on par with some of the world class restaurants. Do not expect too much of extravaganza, but the basics are solid. Very kind, professional and efficient service.
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Stanislav Lokshin
11 iulie 2018 20:18

It's a really nice place for a dinner with great menu and friendly staff. Interior and service follow Japanese style. The prices are slightly, around 30%, high for Romania, but you can compensate it taking a business lunch.
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Selin Deniz
31 iulie 2018 10:52

Great sushi! Portions a bit small for the money spend there thus it's pretty expensice! But stuff is super nice and helpful!
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Soma Éles
22 august 2018 23:41

Might be a tad more expensive than the avrage places around.
Hands down the best choice in town if You like japanese. Staff is extreamly nice and helpful even if you enter just before closing. Will come back.
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