Strada Gheorghe Marinescu 5, Cluj

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Restaurant cu specific japonez din Cluj- Napoca, membru al All Japan Sushi Association.
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C Ciprian
4 august 2017 13:26 Rezervat în data de 3 august 2017 prin

Excellent food, careful and considerate service, we ended up leaving as a very happy group of customers who can't wait to come back

Cynthia Hegyes
6 septembrie 2017 20:17

The food was really good and interesting, the sushi was the best I ever ate and the whole experience was nice. The waiters were super pro, and there was Diana I think, who recommended us what to eat and explained everything which was of course really useful. The place is quiet and fancy so it is good both for friends or business, but it is kinda expensive, but it not like it's not worth it, cause you really got quality.
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Gabriel Bogdan Trofin
23 iunie 2017 15:01

Truly a luxury restaurant. I first got here by randomly noticing it on the map and wanting to see what kind of food does it offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the receptionist asking whether or not we have a reservation. Luckily, they did have an open table. During the dinner the waiter made sure we were feeling ok and that everything was alright. The food was quite amazing, nicely balanced and the waiter did make sure that we knew how things work (mix A in sauce B, then dip the food when eating, etc) before leaving us. The music and general atmosphere was quite relaxing and pleasant. The prices were quite fair: not "cheap", but not too much over the actual price of cooking said dishes. All in all, it was a great experience and I do intend on going there again, this time, with a reservation. Food - 5*, Service - 5*, Setting - 5*, Atmosphere - 5*, Prices - 5*.
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Andrei Luca
6 august 2017 00:41

5 star restaurant. the waiter always explains to you what you get on your plate. they are extremely polite and even wear gloves. the food is prepared in the same room where you eat, so there are no doubts about the freshness of the food or the cleanliness of the kitchen. but all of this has of course its price.
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Roxana Nasoi
26 octombrie 2017 02:08

Good sushi place in Cluj Napoca. Excellent table service and friendly staff. We had a reservation for two, but decided to be 3 in the end and they made it happen. :)
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Milly Filip
1 octombrie 2017 18:48

Gorgeous food, very friendly staff and pretty okay prices
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