Shto College Bar

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Strada Memorandumului 6, Cluj

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "Shto College Bar"

Seresan Mihai
6 ianuarie 2018 22:51

One of the worst. Pls stay away. Rules made by monkeys, followed by chimps. Overprice, ugly. Stay away. There are alot of better places.
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Mihai Carnuta
25 ianuarie 2018 00:15

Nice place, many brands of beer and good service, but you can't vape because management considers it to be discrimination towards regular smokers.
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Mihai Paculea
10 martie 2018 21:28

Good beer and cozy place. A lot of artisanal beers.
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Mircea Man
7 ianuarie 2018 10:21

Nice place but very loud music. With no dancing happening, that was really frustrating. Had to yell to make myself heard. Decor is great. Prices are low-medium ranged for Cluj-Napoca.
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alexandra catalin
5 ianuarie 2018 21:40

Loved this place and the cocktails.. Friendly staff and relatively cheap prices
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