Shto College Bar

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Strada Memorandumului 6, Cluj

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Rezervarile pentru Shto College Bar se fac pana in ora 21:00.


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10:00 - 02:00


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Mihai Chira
16 aprilie 2019 19:40

If you want to have a good time, Shto is the place. Amazing variety of drinks with great prices and great serving. The girls speak at least 2 languages which is always a plus!
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Márk G.
6 martie 2019 13:07

One of the best places! Delicious and inexpensive drinks, friendly service. (The music is loud sometimes)
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Gabriel Gego
21 martie 2019 07:13

Very nice. The people serving there were great and they even gave us a st Patrick day's hat from guiness.
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dragos pop
6 februarie 2019 13:37

Quite a nice place with a young vibe attached to it. Prices are decent. Music too loud is a small minus.
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Alexandru Avadanei
15 ianuarie 2019 08:02

Very nice atmosphere and decor. Music can be quite loud at times. In winter, the place gets really hot. Staff was ok, a bit over the top for my taste and clumsy at time. Prices are decent. A nice place to hang out with a few friends. Everybody should give it a try.
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