New Croco

Strada Victor Babeș 12, Cluj

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In urma cu 21 de ani ai gustat la noi pentru prima oara ceva nou – pizza preparata dupa retete traditionale italienesti.

In anii ce au urmat, am continuat sa descoperim impreuna adevaratul gust al pizzei, atat de apreciat in lume.

Astazi te asteptam in acelasi loc, insa intr-un nou ambient, hotarati sa continuam impreuna aventura
inceputa in urma cu doua decenii – explorarea bogatiei si diversitatii fara limite a bucatariei italienesti.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 23:00
Vineri - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "New Croco"

Felician Florin Faragau
13 noiembrie 2017 13:56

If you want a good meal or just a chat with friends over a pint, this is the place for you. Definetly recommend.
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Marco Holst
3 noiembrie 2017 17:26

Decent food, neither the best or worst in Cluj.
The waiters won't let you sit upstairs if there are many places left downstairs. Kinda annoying.
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Bogdan Costin
14 septembrie 2017 08:39

Good food, very good deserts and good prices, but the service is not that good. There where 4 waiters who didn't pay attention to the clients, they where just standing at the bar talking and laughing loudly. Waited 12 minutes for the menu, longer for a drink.
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Jimmy Procida
31 octombrie 2017 14:23

Mid range restaurant, depends of the day you find acceptable pasta, apparently they have 2 or more different chefs.
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Andreea Gabriela Baican
1 noiembrie 2017 12:22

I ordered a quinoua burger, the price what a little to high and it didn't tasted good. Plus, the serving took to much time.
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