New Croco

Strada Victor Babeș 12, Cluj

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In urma cu 21 de ani ai gustat la noi pentru prima oara ceva nou – pizza preparata dupa retete traditionale italienesti.

In anii ce au urmat, am continuat sa descoperim impreuna adevaratul gust al pizzei, atat de apreciat in lume.

Astazi te asteptam in acelasi loc, insa intr-un nou ambient, hotarati sa continuam impreuna aventura
inceputa in urma cu doua decenii – explorarea bogatiei si diversitatii fara limite a bucatariei italienesti.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 23:00
Vineri - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "New Croco"

Claudia Cristina
27 august 2018 23:16

The pizza is not what it used to be and the service is mediocre. The last times I have been it happened that we asked for small things in the menu and they didn't have them. Beer at 330 ml and 500 ml are of the same price which doesn't really make sense.
The place looks nice though and the terrace offers a nice view of the city.
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Flaviu Mogosan
11 septembrie 2018 18:40

Was the only place open on Saturday night after 11 that serves pizza and actual slow cooked food that we found. Food was good, prices decent, clean, neat and nice tables.
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Mariem Boulila
14 august 2018 13:58

The food is great here. Altho the staff arent that friendly !
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abraham lincoln
13 iulie 2018 20:30

Good place mostly for young people (close to a student campus) but anyone is welcome!
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Thomas Schmitt
24 august 2018 14:14

This kind of restaurant, which serves salad with mayonaise sauce and more croutons then salad....
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