New Croco

Strada Victor Babeș 12, Cluj

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In urma cu 21 de ani ai gustat la noi pentru prima oara ceva nou – pizza preparata dupa retete traditionale italienesti.

In anii ce au urmat, am continuat sa descoperim impreuna adevaratul gust al pizzei, atat de apreciat in lume.

Astazi te asteptam in acelasi loc, insa intr-un nou ambient, hotarati sa continuam impreuna aventura
inceputa in urma cu doua decenii – explorarea bogatiei si diversitatii fara limite a bucatariei italienesti.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 23:00
Vineri - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "New Croco"

30 aprilie 2019 20:22

I ordered pizza on hipmenu and paid it online. I got an estimation of 2 hours, way more than the average delivery time of 45 minutes. I wanted to pick it up instead but nobody answered to my calls for 45 minutes so that I can ask the status of my order and let them know I would pick it up. I had to wait for 2 whole hours as I already paid for it. Very unprofessional. When they finally answered, the delivery guy was already on his way, but still had to wait for 20 minutes. It's not that the delivery time was long, it's that they didn't answer to at least 10 calls on 2 different phone numbers. I got late at my friends house for whom I bought the pizzas for. Poor customer service.
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Ingmar Beck
31 martie 2019 19:15

Good food, fast service! Recommended!
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Ciprian Soleriu
29 noiembrie 2018 09:32

Great eggs Benedict for breakfast.
Came in quick and it is delicios.
Recommended for a quick and inexpensive breakfast.
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Claudia Cristina
27 august 2018 23:16

The pizza is not what it used to be and the service is mediocre. The last times I have been it happened that we asked for small things in the menu and they didn't have them. Beer at 330 ml and 500 ml are of the same price which doesn't really make sense.
The place looks nice though and the terrace offers a nice view of the city.
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Soothing Spirit
13 decembrie 2018 21:58

Unfortunately my first try there was bad due to sloppy service: coffee was burnt, food not so impressive ( they accidently put too much salt, funny I am a salt person). Worst were the badly chipped plates, small chipped are easy to look by, but these were ridiculous... the waiters great. They saved the day with their friendly attitude.
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