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Strada Napoca 3, Cluj

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Nimic nu ar fi la fel fără echipa noastră uimitoare. Oameni remarcabili, dedicați care fac lucruri posibile, care contribuie cu mândrie la calitatea serviciilor noastre, se bucură să interacționeze cu tine și, mai presus de toate, iubesc munca lor.

Echipa noastră este formată din specialiști în cafea și baristas, care îmbunătățesc în mod constant performanțele lor prin participarea la concursuri profesionale și training-uri.

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Dacian Cimpean
13 octombrie 2018 20:17

Overall, Meron is an ok place to get coffee. But will all the hype and advertising for the location, I was expecting something more diverse. My one and only visit was a couple of months ago, so I don't remember everything in detail. But because I am responding to the owner's question, my impression was that the place is very suitable for small groups of people, up to 5 or 6. It was quite unpleasant for the eight of us that were there one morning. Other than that, I found the people working there polite and the place is clean and cozy.
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Dragos Bogdan Nechita
22 august 2018 16:34

The coffee, snacks and services are top notch. The blends are great, the barristas are always kind and helpful. It would have been a 5 star review, if I were able to use my laptop on weekends. I understand that the weekends are reserved for other types of customers/activities, but I usually came to the coffee shop Saturday/Sunday morning just after opening hours, and being able to have coffee and organize my emails or something while enjoying great coffee was the best for me. And since I spent around 20 minutes doing that (if it took me longer, I would get another coffee as well, because it's good and also right there in front of me) in a mostly empty coffee shop I don't think I interrupted the weekend business flow, so to speak. The staff were kind in explaining the situation though, and having the signs on the table specifying that (although not from the beginning of the rule's implementation) made it slightly better - I stopped frequenting another coffee shop altogether because the staff was rude while explaining the "new rule", which was uncalled for. I understand your desire to provide a different environment on weekends, and again I appreciate your staff's behavior in enforcing the rule.
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Adrian Vicol
23 iunie 2018 17:54

Great coffee, great people. Love working from there whenever I get the chance. Even though they have deserts, I didn't get to taste those, so I'll let others be the judge of that. What I can say for sure is that I need to drink their coffee at least one time a week. 😀
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Marius Mihai
17 august 2018 11:14

Coffee experience at its highest level.
Still misses some more coffee flavors for the customer to choose from and some preparation variants but overall the experience is nice
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Jake Jakab
10 august 2018 06:10

The staff is super interested to give you the best experience. The coffee is good, not the best thou. Happy to go back whenever I’m in Cluj
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