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Strada Napoca 3, Cluj
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Nimic nu ar fi la fel fără echipa noastră uimitoare. Oameni remarcabili, dedicați care fac lucruri posibile, care contribuie cu mândrie la calitatea serviciilor noastre, se bucură să interacționeze cu tine și, mai presus de toate, iubesc munca lor.

Echipa noastră este formată din specialiști în cafea și baristas, care îmbunătățesc în mod constant performanțele lor prin participarea la concursuri profesionale și training-uri.

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Luni - Duminică
08:00 - 21:00


Păreri despre "Meron"

Sherif Essawi
3 august 2019 18:09

Best local coffee and tea in Cluj, the staff also is very friendly and speaks English.
U will find Indore and outdoor seating for smokers.
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Piers Kreps
4 aprilie 2019 09:53

The coffee scene in Cluj is outstanding. At Meron I only had coffee but it was outstanding. Great selection of filter/drip coffees, as well as espresso blends. The food looked delicious. Comfortable interior and great music.
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Nikos Tsakpinis
30 martie 2019 15:35

Amazing food and amazing coffee. The service was also excellent. I spilled my coffee by mistake and they made a new one for me without paying anything extra. I strongly suggest it.
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7 mai 2019 21:38

They roast their own and serve incredibly delicious filter coffee too. Cool design of cafe. Thank you
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Patricia Iacob
3 iunie 2019 14:45

I did not even get a chance to try their coffee because of the rudeness of the staff. I was not allowed to use my laptop inside, although the place was nearly empty (it is a BIG space that they have) and I had ordered coffee and was planning to order food as well. There was no explanation to this weird decision to keep working customers outside... Does it make any difference if I spend 3 hours on the phone? Is the laptop too big? Does its appearance cause nuisance? With the many coffee shops around, I will not be bothered to try this place again.
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