La Turcu Restaurant [închis permanent]

Strada Napoca 6, Cluj
Acest local nu acceptă rezervări

La Turcu Restaurant nu acceptă rezervări

Va așteptam sa gustati preparatele noastre Turcești!
Dorim sa va încântam cu mâncare tradiționala turcească si servire excelenta !

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "La Turcu Restaurant"

Merve Kir
11 august 2017 13:06

I would recommend this restaurant. They have - as the name of the restaurant says - Turkish food. They also have really good vegetarian food (filled eggplant, fallafels, wraps...). The price is okay.
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Cristi Clinciu
17 august 2017 17:01

Amazing food, great atmosphere, awesome service.
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Ioana Predescu
11 august 2016 12:09

Best tripe soup I have ever had.
Excellent food and service.
A waiter which remembers everything (w/o writing down) - fast and fresh. Everything is prepared during the day, so you may be unlucky and something in the menu may be not ready or out, but this makes sure that whatever you eat is fresh. And very tasty - naturally made - very good cook.
Strongly recommend.
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Iulian Ionescu
19 iunie 2017 17:08

Got 3 dishes, shaworma was good the beef pie was meh and the chicken saote the same. Didnt try anything else though the meat plates looked amazing.
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Victoria Victoria
28 mai 2017 07:24

Best Turkish restaurant in town. I love their adana kebab (mixed lamb and beef), ayran and lemomade. Somehow pricy but great food.
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