La Țevi

Strada Potaissa 6, Cluj

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Un pub prietenos,in care oamenii se simt de cele mai multe ori ca la ei acasa.Poate singurul pub din Cluj in care poti bea un vin fiert la gura sobei.

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Cosmin Bury
16 octombrie 2017 09:17

Definitely a place to visit by any rocker in the area, good prices, nice and relax atmosphere, decent music.
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Tudor Oltean
16 august 2017 00:02

Decent place, usually fequented by highscoolers and young adults. Cheap drinks and good rock music.
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7 aprilie 2017 11:42

If you are at least in your late 20s, you will remember those nice rock bars, with good music, friendly people and good prices. Well, this pub refreshed my memories in the best way possible !
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22 iulie 2017 22:15

If you like rock and reasonably cheap beer it's perfect.
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Alpar Bartus
21 februarie 2017 12:20

It is a great pub, it has a great atmosphere. The music is great here, there are some fantastic rock and metal concerts, parties too. And the drinks are cheap too.
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