La Țevi

Strada Potaissa 6, Cluj

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Un pub prietenos,in care oamenii se simt de cele mai multe ori ca la ei acasa.Poate singurul pub din Cluj in care poti bea un vin fiert la gura sobei.

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Delia Csiki
14 mai 2019 21:34

The service and staff are really great and the music is so good (rock and metal mostly but quality songs). The only thing I didn't quite like was the decor and atmosphere of the place. It has a rather "where-old-drunkards-go-at-night" kind of vibe and I am not the biggest fan. Other than that, their stage is way too small for some bands. I've been to a concert and the 4 guitarists and solist could barely move on it.
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Andrei Obogeanu
4 ianuarie 2019 22:24

It's perfect if you're interested in finding a metalhead dive bar. People are cool, the drinks are cheap and it's open until the small hours of the morning.

Pro-tip: have a shot of Zorro to spice things up!
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szigeti levente
26 aprilie 2019 22:28

rock low end, cheap and dark place, nice people.
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Traveler Robert Schweitzer
13 februarie 2019 12:46

Perfect Bar. Interior takes me back 50 years. Atmosphere, music, staff and beer oke. Long opening hours.
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8 aprilie 2019 14:45

Nice atmosfear, great people, good songs.
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