Indigo - Restaurant Indian

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Strada Piezișă 10, Cluj
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Suntem determinaţi să devenim veritabili ambasadori ai bucătăriei indiene, şi totodată prima alegere în ceea ce priveşte restaurantele casual cu specific indian din Cluj-Napoca.

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M Mares
18 aprilie 2018 21:39 Rezervat în data de 18 aprilie 2018 prin

Mâncare și servire ireproșabilă. Ambient plăcut cu stil indian. Recomand cu încredere.

Maximilian Both
31 iulie 2019 15:09

Really good indian food and extremely fast delivery service. The restaurant is also cozy and the staff well mannered. It is definitely worth a try, if you are looking for something different.
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Daniel Trost
6 august 2019 11:33

Went here at least 4-5 times so it's time to say how it is. Food can be good if you choose the right stuff, which is not very easy. But if you're lucky, a waiter can help you choose. The waiters though struggle to get the orders because they're just too few. Bad HR management that clearly overworks waiters and for sure underpays them (since there's always new waiters).
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Praveen B
13 iulie 2019 08:47

Fell in love with the food. Coming all the way from India and tasting the Indian food here is simply awesome. They have a wide range of menu which Vegetarian and non vegetarian food. It also complete bar menu too. I would suggest them to introduce South Indian food as well. Also do meet the Indian chef here and owner of the restaurant from Bangalore
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shantan devathi
31 mai 2019 11:51

Authentic Indian food with low on spice level. Probably to cater to the taste of local population. Good portion size.

I would recommend
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Jozsef Fulop
19 aprilie 2019 12:40

If you're into spicy indian food, this is a place for you. The food is really good here. Prices aren't too high... it's an affordable place. The serving was fast.
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