Indigo - Restaurant Indian

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Strada Piezișă 10, Cluj

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Suntem determinaţi să devenim veritabili ambasadori ai bucătăriei indiene, şi totodată prima alegere în ceea ce priveşte restaurantele casual cu specific indian din Cluj-Napoca.

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M Mares
18 aprilie 2018 21:39 Rezervat în data de 18 aprilie 2018 prin

Mâncare și servire ireproșabilă. Ambient plăcut cu stil indian. Recomand cu încredere.

Alex B
4 octombrie 2018 13:48

Honestly, i think the restaurant still exists because it's one of only 2 Indian restaurants in Cluj. The food is good most of the times, well, above average for Indian Cuisine but when you factor in the type of restaurant it tries to be, based on the pricing of the food and the target audience, you can't rate it very high.

Overall the food is OK but overpriced based on the ingredients quality and in my opinion is a good option only because the other Indian restaurant aims higher and achieves lower.

Also, do not order out.Success rate is 50/50. They tend to forget something(usually sauces or naan bread).
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Ipari Hangya
5 octombrie 2018 15:06

It was a disappointment for me. The quality of the food was very low, we ordered the mixed plate, which included pieces of meat varieties, the chicken was okay, but the pork and the lamb was terrible. Then we had desert, rice pudding which was delicious and another desert which was a small bite, not that bad, but I find that a little bit expensive. The whole place smells of curry and you are going to smell of curry too until you take a shower and wash your clothes. Do not come here if you are planning to go somewhere else afterwards.
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8 octombrie 2018 20:24

The Spicy indian curry was highly adapted to local pallets, below tabasco, but tasty.
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Evelyne Sütő
13 septembrie 2018 22:36

I had a great time here. The food was really tasty.
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Mil mi
23 aprilie 2018 13:31

This was a great experience, the food was very delicious and the waitress was nice to give details about the food. The wait was a little long but it has worth it and the dish was fresh. The hot plate and the sauces were great.
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