Dolce Vita

Preț Moderat
Strada Piezișă 24, Cluj

Dolce Vita

Preț Moderat
Strada Piezișă 24, Cluj
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Maeștrii noștri sunt cei care fac ca orice preparat să fie așa cum îl cereți, iar plăcerea noastră este să oferim ceea ce dorește clientul, astfel încât mâncarea să fie pe gustul fiecăruia.

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10 februarie 2022 22:48

Nice atmosphere, clean and staff well trained.
Paid nearly 300 RON for 4 persons starter+main+drinks which I found quite fair
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5 august 2018 17:10

The place is quite dirty, service is slow and the food was mediocre. I had an issue with the fact that the plates were not washed well. The pizza had 3 olives.
We ended up being billed for small pizzas instead of student pizzas (one is 15 lei and the other 26). When we notified the server, she got defensive at first (i.e. "Well we only serve pizza student during the university term" to which we replied that that's fine but when we asked for pizza student you should've told us that instead of storming off to another table and eventually bringing whatever is closest to what we actually ordered) to downright rude. She made a point out of letting everyone in a 5m radius that she was scandalised by our requesting to be billed for what we ordered.
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26 octombrie 2019 22:13

It's 100% a trap.

I ordered a "medalion de somon" and the price was 15 LEI for 100g, as shown in the menu.

When the bill arrived, they were charging almost 38 LEI (!!!!) for the salmon. When I asked why, they said that 15 lei is for 100g, but my salmon was more than 200g.

I DID NOT ask for a bigger salmon. This is CHEATING. If I ordered something that is shown in the menu, how can they choose for me how much I will eat?

If I wanted 200g, I would have asked TWO dishes, not ONE.

And the dish was full of oil, couldn't eat the whole thing because the salmon was pure oil!

Truly do not recommend. It's not worth the money and you will be at risk of finding yourself in a trap.

Also paid 6 LEI for a 250ml Coca-Cola.

PS: I'm talking about the renovated space, the New Dolce Vita after reopening as a restaurant, not a pizzaria (even though they also have pizza - the most expensive I've seen in Cluj so far).
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8 martie 2022 02:19

Good prices. Decent pizza. Soups are a bit oily.
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8 decembrie 2019 17:11

Been there since it's been renovated and the place looks a lot better. In the same time, the menu has been improved a lot and the staff was were helpful and willing to help. We ate there one of the best pizzas in Cluj.

Thanks guys and for sure I'll be back.
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