Blend. Brews & Bites

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Piezisa 8, Cluj
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Păreri despre "Blend. Brews & Bites"

Henrik Radem
31 octombrie 2018 11:11

Quite allright. Nice atmosphere and chill crew.
Had the only other then summerpjuke cider they had. And it was very nice.

I also had a duck salad thing. It was interestingly put together. But very little duck, and way to much green salad for a main course I think.
On the salad menu with with maybe 6-8 pieces of duck instead of 3-4 would have been awesome😊✌
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Cristian Andrei Smarandoiu
23 septembrie 2018 17:25

The staff was welcoming and the food was very good. It's a nice place to work on your laptop or to chat with your friends. I recommend the bagel, especially the Eggspectation one.
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Petriş Denisa
9 noiembrie 2018 18:26

Cosy, tastefully decorated place, awesome bagles and above avarage tasting burgers. Liked it a lot. Looking forward to taste some of the brews as well. ☺
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Alex Lup
27 septembrie 2018 16:36

Very nice atmosphere. It's spacious, the music is very good, nirvana and such, the personnel are very friendly, the food is good, a lot of drinks to choose from.
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Andreea Pirghie
12 iunie 2018 21:14

Blend is one of those places in town which serves craft beer and local craft beer, thing that make it really cool. The interior design in minimalist and industrial, perfect for some instagram pics. You can also get some delicious and pretty outstanding bagels and other good foods. But still, it is the place to be if you are a beer lover.
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