Atelier Cafe

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Memorandumului 9, Cluj

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Cafele bune, evenimente drăguțe, momente frumoase.
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Luni - Joi
09:00 - 00:30
09:00 - 01:30
10:00 - 01:30
17:00 - 00:30


Păreri despre "Atelier Cafe"

Pan Ioan
23 ianuarie 2018 15:33

A great place to drink your tea, coffee or beer. Excellent serving and music. Prices are good, so the quality of beverages.
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Cristian M. Mureșan
17 ianuarie 2018 15:22

I think this is one of the most popular places in town and there's a reason for that: Great beer, wine, coffee, nachos, atmosphere, staff and let's not forget about the music which is sooo good that you'll come over and over again. One more thing: parties!
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Anita David
7 ianuarie 2018 10:41

Not fancy stuff, simple design. Comfortable local bar for drinking a beer with friends. Good stuff.
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Adrià Amor Pi
8 decembrie 2017 11:04

Very cool hipster spot at night with nice music and atmosphere for only 10 lei. The cloakroom is not only free but very clever and ecological (they wrote the number of your coat on your paper entrance bracelet)
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Miruna K-P
3 ianuarie 2018 07:39

Awesome place to be with your friends. Great staff, good atmosphere and nice music.
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