Zoomserie Delfinului

Soseaua Pantelimon 249, Pantelimon, București

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro

Zoomserie Delfinului nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro

Compania a fost infiintata in anul 1982 in zona Thesalloniki, Grecia. De-a lungul anilor aceasta afacere s-a extins aflandu-se intr-o continua dezvoltare. Aici a existat o crestere continua in varietatea de produse, imbunatatind retetele traditionale ajungand sa produca retete unice si de o calitate consistenta.

Prajiturile si inghetata produse de Zoomserie acopera o mare varietate a produselor traditionale dar in acelasi timp au dezvoltat peste 700 specialitati de cofetarie cu noi arome acoperind intregul univers calanderistic.

Produsele sunt realizate in fabrica noastra iar etapele de prelucare a dulciurilor sunt intr-o continua observare astfel incat ZOOMSERIE ofera consumatorilor produse proaspete si calitate exceptionala. Zoomserie acopera necesitatile pietei distribuind la momentul respectiv in Grecia si 7 regiuni diferite din Europa iar de acum innainte si in Romania.

Calitatea produselor noastre incepand de la materii prime pana la ambalare si distribuire este garantata prin certificatele ISO si HACCP.

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Alecsandru Lapusneanu
18 martie 2019 14:36

I live close by and I usually get out for a cup of coffee. It`s a nice place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and have a muffin. However, what makes this place a 5/5 star place, compared to others in this area, are the very diverse and sophisticated cakes and cookies. I have to run 10 km after each piece of cake I eat, but it sure as heck is worth it. Has wheelchair ramp and Greek radio, with decent music. The personnel is also very friendly, always smiling.
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Mihaela Velicu
12 aprilie 2019 15:34

Best cake I had in ages. Highly recommended!
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Bogdan Nitescu
3 februarie 2019 07:15

Broad offer of all sorts of sweets and cakes
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dragos ili
10 octombrie 2018 17:32

Good icecream, I think it is gelatto. They did not have many sortiments to choose from though. The cakes look nice, at least 10 lei for one, but my friend I was with said they are good and worth the money. As well we were served with cold water like in Greece! Which was very nice to see it happens in Romania as well. :)
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Ana-Maria Gabriela Badita
16 septembrie 2018 16:19

The sweets are great but bring your own water..
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