Zexe Braserie

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Aviatorilor 65, Aviatorilor, București
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In perioada interbelica Bucurestiul numara cele mai multe cofetarii si cafenele din Europa. Dar ce s-a intamplat cu toate astea si cum de in 2011 vitrinele cofetariilor din Bucuresti aratau ca cele ale Frantei anilor ’60? Daca lucrurile ar fi evoluat firesc, fara o intrerupere de aproape 45 de ani, cred cu tarie ca astazi am fi stat alaturi de Franta si Italia pe podiumurile marilor concursuri de cofetarie.

Zexe Cofeturi, iar acum Braseria Zexe au aparut din dorinta acuta de a arata ca avem o cofetarie minunata, complexa si robusta, dar uitata. Ea zacea acolo, undeva, printre clatite cu Finetti, amandine din premix si ecleruri cat antebratul unei fete firave.

Ne-am propus astfel sa dezvoltam un proiect ambitios, bazat pe o idee aparent simpla: sa aducem in contemporaneitate vechi retete romanesti, care erau la ordinea zilei in toate restaurantele, braseriile si cofetariile romanesti din perioada antecomunista. Va vine a crede sau nu, macarons erau in mijloculul cartii Ecaterinei (Colonel) Steriady de la 1875. Si nu, nu reinterpretam retete, ci mai degraba le revizitam. Le facem asa cum erau, dar cu ingredientele de astazi. Asa ca, va invitam sa descoperiti la Braseria Zexe o cofetarie romaneasca revigorata, plina de echilibru, eleganta si mai ales… emotie.

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D Denisa
29 ianuarie 2019 09:07 Rezervat în data de 28 ianuarie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Locul arata minunat, foarte primitor, stilat. La fel si stafful: cald, atent, relaxat. Au si prajitura fara gluten foarte buna.

Cristina Oanta
12 iulie 2019 21:55

It is a cozy place (when they don't use the water pressure machine to clean the floors after opening...) with tasty food (best tartar I had in a long time) and mouth-watering deserts in the right quantity too. I find the service though kind of condescending everytime I go there - would be nice to see a change of attitude not people 😉
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Adela Vinereanu
22 august 2019 22:25

The place is nice, central location and they seem like they have a full place all the time.

I personally don't like their staff, as every morning, after the opening hour, if you enter, you obviously disturb them. It's clear they are still preparing to open even if they are officially already opened, so they are slow, a little bit upset and they are looking at you as if "Jee, you really want coffee in the morning? “.

Besides coffee, which is perfectly mainstream, i bought twice some salted pastry, "saratele", which was extremely expensive, but I couldn't eat it as it was made with some low quality oil, probably palm oil or something tasting as if it were palm oil. It's not right to sell pastry with low quality oil at the price of middle of France butter 😬
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Valentina V
5 septembrie 2019 18:33

Small and cozy place. Nice selection of sweets. I liked the vibe and the Edith Piaf songs that you could hear somewhere in the background. Good choice for a quiet evening when all you want to do is to have long conversations with friends that you haven’t seen in ages :)
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Vlad Durbaca-Patranoiu
16 iulie 2019 13:00

Really nice experience..great food and hearty serving.
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Filip Ruxandra
10 iunie 2019 17:46

Wonderful cake shop! Relaxing atmosphere, cozy interior with sofas. The person who served us was very nice and answered all our questions about the cakes.
We had stracciatella, exotic and George Enescu. I loved them all, but my number one was George Enescu. I love chocolate!
I must return here and try the rest of the cakes!
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