Fior di Latte

4,6 / 12 voturi
Primaverii 19-21, Primăverii, București

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Fiecarui oaspete al bistroului, consistenta preparatelor - moale, cremoasa, crocanta, pufoasa, afanata, densa, aerata, fluida, nisipoasa, catifelata - ii provoaca aducerile aminte. Starea de bine, sentimentul de confort, de casa primitoare la care sa te intorci, pentru a te regasi.

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L Livia
3 iunie 2018 17:04 Rezervat în data de 3 iunie 2018 prin

Mancarea delicioasa si admosfera foarte placuta pe terasa datorita plantelor.

R Razvan
10 martie 2017 14:25 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2017 prin

O experienta grozava. Ospatarii foarte amabili si agenti iar mancarea mi s-a parut extraordinara. O sa ma reintorc cu drag.

L Luca
9 ianuarie 2017 14:05 Rezervat în data de 8 ianuarie 2017 prin

Nice place, excellent food, good service, but it was cold inside, I suppose it was something wrong only this time, seen that outside it was snowing and it was very cold.

b miha
26 septembrie 2018 16:20

The location is nice, the restaurant is looking relaxing. They have good pasta and ice cream. The prices are a bit high according to the area. The only thing i get dissapointed every time i go is the service. Waiters are moodless, and we wait for the check for about 30 min every time. Besides that once they took the tip by themselves, they did not bring the change. Service is bad, waiters need to be instructed.
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tatiana filipciuc
28 august 2018 18:00

Nice italian place. Great ice crea. Good service
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Nikos Tsirakis
12 august 2018 23:10

Very nice food and very good service. Special icecream, one of the best in Bucharest for me. You can try the hamburger and pacheri amatriciana, really tasty both of them
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Kamikaza Tritritri
23 iulie 2018 00:37

Overpriced small dishes with ok taste.
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Alexandra Lepadatu
2 august 2018 22:58

I just love this place. The food is excellent
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