Economu Cezărescu 8, Politehnica, București
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Yesterday este un restaurant localizat la adresa Economu Cezărescu numărul 8. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 00:00.

La Yesterday te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific românesc sau internațional.

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Vlad Țonea
16 iulie 2018 22:02

This is a clean place. The staff is polite and helpful. The bedrooms are quite spacious and the beds are comfortable. The food is tasty as well. The parking lot is quite spacious as well. It has a nice aspect overall. Also, it is close to the subway in case you are missing transport.
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Laura Berlinschi
30 septembrie 2018 18:03

I only saw the conference rooms, which are not large, but perfect for small groups. The furniture and facilities are in good condition and the design is simple but elegant.
The restaurant has the same simple but elegant atmosphere. The food is alright, but nothing special and seems to lack variety.
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Nika Kvivishvili
17 decembrie 2018 19:15

It was a cool experience staying in Yesterday hotel. The service was good .
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Ludovic-Stefan Kocsis
22 decembrie 2018 12:15

Decent, not great. Prices a little too high for the quality of service. I have spent seven nights here, on two different occasions, both during winter. The reception staff was very nice and helpful. Underground parking lot. Free WiFi in all areas. The rooms were decent and tidy but some details were not. In two separate mornings out of seven, there was NO hot water at the shower before breakfast. Room cleaning was somehow superficial. Dust had never been wiped off the bathroom radiator. The shaving mirror had only one side cleaned, the other side had old thick smudged shaving cream fingerprints. I turned it so the dirty side will be visible. It took three days until the cleaning team managed to see it and get it cleaned, although not very well. The drains from the sink and from the shower were clogged and water would drain away very slowly, and they never fixed that during my stay. While fixing it myself at the shower tub, I found some long black hair in the drain, meaning this wasn't checked on a regular basis even between different customer stays. They had in the bathroom the classic sign regarding detergent consumption and Mother Earth, however despite me always putting the towels on the radiator, they changed them with new towels every day. The new towels always had a strong smell of hospital disinfectant. One day the cleaning team forgot the window open for many hours until I returned, so the air in the room was very fresh but as cold as the winter outside. The TV set was Smart TV but not connected to the internet. It had a lot of channels but more than half of them were only displaying "content scrambled", therefore for changing the channel to the next one, you should first pass through a number of scrambled channels. Outside the room, there were also some details that were not noticed by the staff, for example a 10x10cm splash of spilled coffee on the stairs between the 3rd and 4th floor that stayed there all week. The food in the restaurant was of poor quality and the leftovers from the breakfast were reused for the lunch dishes. The furniture in the conference rooms was worn and I have heard complaints from the ladies that they damaged their clothes because of the furniture. The coffee breaks at the conference rooms included always the same pastries with fruit jam, so I heard trainers complaining they were tired of the same dish over and over again. Overall the stay was decent but certainly not worth five stars.
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Evgeniya Raspopova
6 noiembrie 2018 04:36

They was only one set of towels (bath and face) despite the fact that there were 2 of us. When we asked the receptionist for the other set, she replied that all the cleaning stuff had gone and she couldn't do anything. When we didn't go away and continued to stare at her, she went to the next room and took the towels there.
Also there was only one tiny dustbin, no shampoos or conditioners, but a shower gels. The water in the bath cabin washed off very slowly.
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