Calea Floreasca 111, Floreasca, București

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Vacamuuu este visul oricărui carnivor pursânge - parte steakhouse, parte măcelărie, localul servește câțiva din cei mai buni burgeri din vită Angus din București. Dar poate cel mai bine păstrat secret al celor de la Vacamuu este macaronul uriaș, umplut cu înghețată făcută în casă.

Restaurantul este un inamic înrăit al oricărei diete cumpătate. Și încă nu v-am spus nimic despre fripturile pe care le fac bucătarii de aici...

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C Catalin
30 ianuarie 2017 15:10 Rezervat în data de 29 ianuarie 2017 prin

Ambianta foarte plăcută, mâncare buna, vom reveni cu siguranța

omer pelled
8 noiembrie 2017 09:44

I've been to a lot of meet restaurants all over the world. This is one of the best ones I've been in. The food was amazing. The staff has been extremely nice to us. We were a party of ten and we've all had a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.
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Adrian Ifrim
22 iulie 2017 16:34

Eating at this restaurant was an amazing experience. Food was great, the waiters did the little extra something to the guests. High range prices but definitely worth it. I would of love to see more Romanian wines at more affordable prices.

Burgers are also on the menu and if the your pocket can afford it you can order the famous Kobe beef.
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George Pristavu
4 noiembrie 2017 20:48

Great meat selection, great option for business launch/dinner
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Stefan E
13 noiembrie 2017 18:29

The matured meat is not good enough, considering the price. Service is ok, but with a bad vibe. Osho is definitely better.
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Jonny Irving
5 august 2017 21:42

Not the best service, but, hilarious. The poor young waiter had to come back to us three time from the kitchen...
1st: "Sorry we've run out of all but the most expensive steaks..."
2nd: "Okay we have your steaks, but only the aged one for twice the price..."
...we asked to speak to the manager
3rd: "You would not believe what we have just found! You know those steaks you ordered earlier!? We found 4 of them...weird right"
Unfortunately the steaks were awful and for more than London steak prices we were pretty disappointed.

Funny night all the same.

Also there was a mountain bike chilling in the kitchen :-D
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