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Calea Floreasca 111, Floreasca, București

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Vacamuuu este visul oricărui carnivor pursânge - parte steakhouse, parte măcelărie, localul servește câțiva din cei mai buni burgeri din vită Angus din București. Dar poate cel mai bine păstrat secret al celor de la Vacamuu este macaronul uriaș, umplut cu înghețată făcută în casă.

Restaurantul este un inamic înrăit al oricărei diete cumpătate. Și încă nu v-am spus nimic despre fripturile pe care le fac bucătarii de aici...

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T Teddy
24 ianuarie 2018 12:15 Rezervat în data de 23 ianuarie 2018 prin

Great place, great concept, great food, prices a little bit higher compared with same concept from some other countries. Poor selection of local wines.

C Catalin
30 ianuarie 2017 15:10 Rezervat în data de 29 ianuarie 2017 prin

Ambianta foarte plăcută, mâncare buna, vom reveni cu siguranța

Maor Aviad
12 iunie 2018 13:50

One of the most impressive meat restaurants in Romania. They have almost every kind of beef meat you want. The tomahawk is a very recommended as it comes with a "show" – they slice it in front of you on hot stones and the sight is amazing. The other main courses were perfectly made. If you come with a group, consider ordering in advance. If you don't eat meat – please don't come here. They don't serve fish or pasta. And don't take deserts, they are not so good.
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Sagi Benbasat
5 mai 2018 18:36

I had high expectations for this place and was quite disappointed as the meat was OK, nothing more, and considering the very high prices I would expect a lot more.

The selection of meat was fantastic and there was a good selection of aged cuts. The meat itself looked great and we chose two aged steaks, the New York and Dallas. The meat had a nice sear but was undercooked and wasn't hot enough, the flavors were OK but nothing special. The sides are nothing to mention, just regular French Fries and some vegetables.

One more thing, we were sitting outside on a hot day and the sewage smell was quite disturbing. Not sure that it's the place's fault, but they should definitely look into it.
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Anthony Silas
9 mai 2018 19:02

Oh, how this place has fell off... when I first started coming here in 2014 it was delicious! Now I feel like they are living off being one of the first fine non traditional Romanian restaurants.. well, I'm pretty sure I won't be coming to eat anymore. You cant charge 50 to 100+ dollars for a steak and serve frozen fries and and poorly made sides.
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Joachim Koch
27 mai 2018 08:10

A good, albeit not fabulous steak house. At international price levels, I'd think that cooking a steak to the desired temperature would be a non issue. Good selection of wines.
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bob blanes
27 iunie 2018 13:53

Amazing beef, place not incredibly nice but definitely decent
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