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Calea Floreasca 111, Floreasca, București

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Vacamuuu este visul oricărui carnivor pursânge - parte steakhouse, parte măcelărie, localul servește câțiva din cei mai buni burgeri din vită Angus din București. Dar poate cel mai bine păstrat secret al celor de la Vacamuu este macaronul uriaș, umplut cu înghețată făcută în casă.

Restaurantul este un inamic înrăit al oricărei diete cumpătate. Și încă nu v-am spus nimic despre fripturile pe care le fac bucătarii de aici...

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T Teddy
24 ianuarie 2018 12:15 Rezervat în data de 23 ianuarie 2018 prin

Great place, great concept, great food, prices a little bit higher compared with same concept from some other countries. Poor selection of local wines.

C Catalin
30 ianuarie 2017 15:10 Rezervat în data de 29 ianuarie 2017 prin

Ambianta foarte plăcută, mâncare buna, vom reveni cu siguranța

Rucsandra Raduta
8 ianuarie 2019 13:37

It's a very nice location with quality steaks and burgers. I recommend this location either for a good lunch or a dinner outside with friends in a lively environment. Prices are in the medium-high category, but i think it's worth paying a visit.
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Flory Bell
14 decembrie 2018 23:42

The food is always perfect, well prepared and delicious. I recommend this place if you want to enjoy yourself in the evening (because the lights and window case makes this place beautiful and elegant).
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Alexandra Popescu
12 decembrie 2018 20:11

The place has a decent variety of beef, great service, very polite and friendly staff, plus a nice & welcoming venue!
On the other hand, the steaks didn't seem to be matching the standards... Maybe my expectations were too high, yet out of 8 people, none was impressed...
Price ranges vary depending on the beef specialty from 150 lei up to 1000 lei (around 30 to 200ish euros).
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Dumitru Niculescu
10 septembrie 2018 19:58

Very poor choice especially for the price tag. Good service but apalling food quality. We had an omelette which was soaked in oil and had literally no taste and a cheeseburger for which the meat was dry and hard. Also, the bun must have been a few days old at least. Fries were frozen but decent. Anyway, for a “fancy” place with high prices, this is totally not a good choice.
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George Anghel
16 noiembrie 2018 08:00

Great steak place. Went there multiple times with clients and friends - good quality meat, soooo many choices, from premium Kobe to minimum Black Angus - all matured in house to various recipies, in complex equipment visible to all. Impressive. Good wine selection too and staff there really know their meat and business.
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