Tuk Tuk

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Strada Putul lui Zamfir 15, Floreasca, București

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"Tuk Tuk " vă aduce mancarea de stradă thailandeză chiar în centrul gastronomic al Bucureștiului-Dorobanți.

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Marți - Sâmbătă
12:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Tuk Tuk"

B Bogdan
11 noiembrie 2017 12:12 Rezervat în data de 10 noiembrie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Meniu cu putine optiuni. La bauturi nu au nimic thailandez. Preturi ridicate. Mancarea este rezonabila. Personalul putin amabil.

Cindy Nguyen
31 mai 2018 12:05

The food was absolutely gorgeous here! Even on a sunny day, Tom yum soup tasted amazing! The flavours are authentic and the menu is kept to a minimum which is great. It just means that there is more quality and care on the specific dishes. Definitely recommend!
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smriti kurian
31 martie 2018 22:14

A very good option for Asian cuisine in Bucharest.. Quite authentic in a very nice cozy space as well.. Friendly staff and a good menu to chose from... Their sticky mango desert is delicious.. It's not everyday you get ripe mangoes in Romania.. All in all.. A must visit!
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Andreea P
26 aprilie 2018 11:53

This place is a gem! The staff is very friendly And helpful,the food delicious And the portions huge,the place is intimate And well decorated. Prices are like în the Old Town of Bucharest but the quality of food And the great service make this place one of the best restaurants în Bucharest.
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Matei Zamfirescu
16 mai 2018 09:18

We came here because we were missing Cambodian food after we came back from our trip there so, we figured Thai and Cambodian food are similar enough - especially since they share so many ingredients and cooking techniques.

We were not dissapointed, let me tell you. The smells were there, the flavours were there, the ingredients were the, everything was spot on! And the menu was just large enough to make us think but not so large that we get confused about what to order.

I'm deffinetly coming back to this place!
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29 martie 2018 22:29

Very nice Thai food. Big portions as well. The service is also very good.
I tried all the curries and the fish is also a good choice.
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