Tucano Coffee Zimbabwe

5,0 / 3 voturi
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Calea Victoriei 100, Victoriei, București

Tucano Coffee Zimbabwe

5,0 / 3 voturi
Preț Moderat
Calea Victoriei 100, Victoriei, București
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De ani buni suntem impresionați de cultura bogată a amerindienilor, captivați de caracterul neobișnuit, colorat și bogat al acestei culturi, caracterizată în special de traiul în armonie cu natura. Ulterior, călătorind prin lume, am găsit în fiecare țară câte o cafenea micuță, care ne atrăgea prin ambianța sa deosebită. Aceste cafenele aveau ceva în comun, pe lângă aromele îmbietoare de cafea ne ademeneau atât căldura și bunăvoința vizitatorilor, care își savurau cafeaua și discutau fără grabă, cât și senzația de dragoste, liniște și libertate. Toate aceste experiențe au servit drept factori decisivi în crearea conceptului coffee shop-urilor Tucano Coffee, axat pe design etno, atmosferă și cultura țărilor producătoare de cafea.

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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 21:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
09:00 - 22:00


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5,0 / 3 voturi
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M Mihu
24 noiembrie 2021 06:26 Rezervat în data de 23 noiembrie 2021

M Mladenovici
16 iulie 2021 18:42 Rezervat în data de 16 iulie 2021

I Iulia
22 aprilie 2021 19:21 Rezervat în data de 22 aprilie 2021

28 septembrie 2021 15:20

Terrible! 15 minutes waiting and this is what they expect me to drink

Update after the answer of Tucano Coffee: That would have been fine if the explanation of your staff would not have been "my colleague put 1 instead of 11, that is your drink" which stayed on the counter for 15 minute. I had to insist for a refund or a replacement and the general attitude of your staff was that I was not being reasonable. s you can see form the photo, the various ingredients of the preparation are separated and I hope you don't consider that something you can serve as your staff in the location seemed to think. While they prepared a replacement, they kept me waiting standing, and in the meantime my seat was taken by another customer that "reserved" it by leaving there a tiny object, another behaviour that your staff seemed to approve. If these are your standards in customer service I can only imagine the rest.
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16 august 2021 12:21

Best place to grab a coffee and chill in Bucharest! The design is amazing, the location is extraordinary, and the staff are very nice! I highly recommend this café for remote working or just chilling..
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10 septembrie 2021 23:01

Sooooo bad.
Have ordered two coffees. One strong for which the server replied "we only have one kind, they are all made the same way" the other one I have asked to be made with more water then milk for which she replied "we only use milk for coffee and finally, when we asked for one coffee without foam I got the intriguing explanation about the way coffee can not be made without it, since once the milk warms up it becomes foam.
At this point I have humbly retreated and just excepted the drinks the way they are, "naturally, made".
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17 octombrie 2021 17:08

The coffee is EXELENT! And also, I orderd 2 cofee cups for me and my girlfriend, and then realized I did not have enough money for two. They were so nice and told me that they can't let me go without coffee and gave them to me for what I had on me.
Thank you Tucano coffee! You are by far the best coffee place in bucharest!
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14 iulie 2021 14:41

Beautiful cafe with great food. Amazing design with a menu in English. Slightly expensive but without a doubt worth it!
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