Trei Betivi

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Vasile Lascăr 66, Moşilor, București

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Suntem un soi de cafenea de bere cu blues, progresive, expriementale, psychedelice, punk, post, heavy, death, black, hardcore, doom, stoner, muzica de avangarda si altele. Facem seri de vinyl, evenimente si proiectii ocazionale. Deschidem sa ne imbatam cu muzica in fiecare zi de la ora 16 pana noaptea tarziu la ultimul client.

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Luni - Duminică
16:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "Trei Betivi"

Denka Miko
10 decembrie 2018 19:57

one of the pubs close to my heart. not pretentious, reasonable pricing, a good variety of craft and normal beers. they have a collection of board games, which u can use for free. you can order takeout without the bartender batting an eye. also on sunday nights they have different movie screenings. sometimes underground bands play. they re big on rock music❤️
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Laurentiu-Marian Angheluta
21 octombrie 2018 16:28

Good selection of artisanal beers. Excellent music and very good vibe. Does not serve food but you can order pizza from a partner restaurant. Staff is friendly. An excellent place to hang out with your friends
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Ovidiu Stan
12 decembrie 2018 06:49

Nice little place to drink with folks after work. Good Rock music in background.
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Ondrej Effenberger
1 ianuarie 2019 18:31

This bar surprised me with really friendly mood and awesome playlist. I can recomend it as a foreigner, as I intend to return at next visit of Bucuresti.
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Roxana Rasoiu
6 septembrie 2018 21:50

It's small cozy bar with a 3 or 4 tables outside, in a little garden shielded by the traffic rush. The menu includes a sortiment of craft beers and local wines at decent prices. At the bar you can find a lot of board games you can borrow.
You have order at the bar and even though they don't serve food you can order pizza from several restaurants located nearby.
Great place and very nice people :)
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