Trattoria Verdi

4,6 / 12 voturi
Bulevardul Aviatorilor 19, Aviatorilor, București
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Trattoria Verdi este un restaurant localizat la adresa Bulevardul Aviatorilor numărul 19. Deschis zilnic între orele 11:30 - 23:45.

La Trattoria Verdi te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific italian sau internațional sau american.

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A Adrian
25 mai 2019 16:17 Rezervat în data de 24 mai 2019 prin

A very nice place, quite spacious, with a prompt service and delicious food. I made a reservation and confirmed my entry. In other words, I recommend it!

E Eugen
26 noiembrie 2017 17:24 Rezervat în data de 26 noiembrie 2017 prin

Calitatea mancarii este scazuta. Ingredientele sunt din ce in ce mai ieftine

S Stefan
22 ianuarie 2017 21:38 Rezervat în data de 21 ianuarie 2017 prin

Excelenta mancare, servite si atmosfera. Vinul casei alb bun.

Kristen Powell
22 iulie 2019 21:54

Disapponting experience, the food was very good and tasty in the past, but now it's mediocre and highly priced. I had a chicken salad with no dressing, but a lot of sour cream on the top. It seems to be made by a beginner. The seafood pasta is too oily, with no sauce and very few seafood pieces. The waitress poured the beer into the glass and paid no attention to the fact that it started to run out of the glass. I had to tell her to take care. When she brought us the food, my plate slid off the table because the table is not placed well. She simply told us to go to another table when I showed her I can't eat there. Inside the AC wasn't working and it was very hot. These are just a few problems, but enough to have a bad experience. Too bad for this restaurant that was a good choice.
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Mihai Posirca
10 august 2019 13:46

Had soups: chicken and tomatoes. Really bad - waisted money. Pizza ok - had better. My wife had some sort of rise with sea food- wired looking stuff.
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Razvan Andrei
27 iulie 2019 14:00

Good food, mediocre service at best.
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Romulus Badea
10 iulie 2019 17:17

Moved a little bit slowly, otherwise nice location, nice atmosphere, decent Italian food.
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zamfirescu victor
28 mai 2019 16:02

Nice food nice place
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