Trattoria Piccola

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Parcul Lumea Copiilor , Tineretului, București

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Ceea ce face diferenta este tehnica desavarsita, talentul si pasiunea. Iar cand reusesti sa imbini aceste elemente, rezultatul este magie! La Trattoria Piccola toate exigentele artei culinare sunt satisfacute. Trattoria Piccola este locul in care gasesti o adevarata Familie. Iar alaturarea a două istorii gastronomice, cea italiana si cea romaneasca, cu atat de multe diferente dar si cu foarte multe asemanari, reprezinta pentru noi o adevarata provocare, una cat se poate de interesanta. Trattoria Piccola este o sursa infinita de inspirație si creativitate. Este locul in care se pun in practica toate secretele bucatariei pentru ca noi am avut de la inceput aceeasi viziune – atentia pentru fiecare detaliu dar si pentru imaginea de ansamblu, importanta respectarii cadrului potrivit clientului, crearea atmosferei perfecte, muzica de calitate, umorul. Pe scurt, respectul pentru rasfat!

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D Denisa
1 octombrie 2018 06:05 Rezervat în data de 30 septembrie 2018 prin

Un local cu atmosfera calda, primitoare, muzica buna si mancare gustoasa!

C Cata
21 august 2017 07:15 Rezervat în data de 20 august 2017 prin

Pacat de locatie si de mancare ! Ajungi in locatie si nu te baga nimeni in seama, se uita la tine de parca-i deranjezi

Alexandru Talanu
17 februarie 2019 22:03

To be avoided. 2 stars due to good service, BUT terrible food, rather expensive; worst thing... CIGARETTE SMOKE... everywere. Very loud music. Atmosphere... NONE. Don t go...
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Alex Toth
24 martie 2019 03:30

Not something I'd necessary recommend. And very bored and blasé waitresses, not worth a tip
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Pheno men
9 aprilie 2019 16:32

The only things positive about this establishment are the location and design, thus the 1 star rating for it.
The value for money is c*ap. High prices for low quantity and quality of foods. Some of my friends got sick after eating some seafood dishes, including myself.
The service is poor, at best. Our waiter was extremely rude and unprofessional. We felt like we were a burden for her. Not apologizing in any way after hitting one of us and almost hitting another one. Not sure if the maitre d' was aware or not, but if he was and did nothing, that's a red flag as well.
When we arrived, most of the tables on the terrace were empty, but reserved and during our stay (approx. 3 h) no one came to occupy them. Not a very child-friendly, even though is at the edge of a park.
After receiving numerous complaints and bad reviews on Facebook, they closed the review page, instead of addressing the issues and/or fixing the problems.
So, did I like the place and do I recommend it? HELL, NO !
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10 februarie 2019 16:35

A terrible experience!!!! I never visited a restaurant like this one. There are few people in it, but we waited for more than half an hour(the waiter saw we were ready to order!!!) , nobody came!!!! If you provide such bad service, you should get out of here early. What a shame🙂🙂🙂
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Mihai Stancu
22 martie 2019 14:32

Very good food, nice service
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