Trattoria Il Calcio

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Strada D. I. Mendeleev 14, Romană, București

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Situat în Str. Mendeleev nr.14 locația este prima deschisă cu numele Trattoria il calcio, inaugurarea a avut loc în anul 2001, are o capacitate de 100 locuri și dispune de parcare, plată credit-card, aer condiționat, plasma tv.

În locația noastră se pot organiza mese festive, nunți, botezuri, evenimente corporate și altele.

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Alma Bond
6 noiembrie 2018 19:49

Always a good price - quality balance! Never been diagnosed. Good work!
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Steffani Cameron
27 iulie 2018 20:05

I feel I’m being generous with 3 stars. More of a 2.5. I eat off peak-hours so an empty restaurant is normal. But now it’s 8 on a Friday and it’s still nearly empty.

I wasn’t wowed, that’s for sure.

But all you really need to know about this place is: they use garlic granules on the “garlic” focaccia bread. No self-respecting restaurant uses garlic granules. End of story.

That may be harsh but it is what it is. The dough was fine and cooked well but it feels like this is a restaurant on the downward spiral beginning to make the cuts that are the cruellest. Like real garlic. It’s sad to see.
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Sebastian Stan
8 noiembrie 2018 17:34

Intodeauna mancare gustoasa!!
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Daniel Lundell
24 august 2018 19:51

Ok, a bit like the O'Learys concept without the sports and with only Italian food.
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Drossos Drossos
8 martie 2018 21:35

Food looks nice. It does not taste the same. The bread with the tomato had no taste at all. Also no olive oil on the recipe. The risotto far below average. Prices quite normal. Service average.
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