Trattoria Il Calcio

Clucerului 7, Grivița, București

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Situat pe Str. Clucerului nr.7 (în spatele pieței 1 Mai) restaurantul este dispus pe trei nivele, fiecare nivel dispune de un salon cu capacitatea de 70 de locuri.

Restaurantul dispune de un salon special amenajat pentru recepții și petreceri private. Terasa are o capacitate de 80 de locuri, dotată cu vaporizatoare de aer rece.

Facilități : parcare, credit-card, wireless și plasme tv.

Număr total locuri: 280

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C Catalin
21 ianuarie 2018 17:20 Rezervat în data de 21 ianuarie 2018 prin

Un loc foarte primitor,cu un raport al calității vs preț forte echilibrat,personalul foarte atent și nu in ultimul rând,mâncarea excelenta!

Dragoş Haiduc
7 noiembrie 2017 17:09

The food overall is good, nice terrace sitting area. And you should definitely try the quinoa salad with garlic and parmeggiano foccacia. Spill some hot spicy oil also over the salad if you like.
Can be quite crowded during weekend, better reserve the table in advance before visiting.

Update: removing two star from this place. Last time we visited, on Sunday evening (05 November 2017), ordered linguine with sea food. Had a really bad time, with stomach aches for two days, almost ended up in the hospital, looks like the sea food was bad. I just might report them to the office of customer protection. The morale seems to be: avoid sea food from them during this season.
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FC SKONTO Skonto development
5 iulie 2017 23:24

Viva Trattoria il Calcio! Lovely place with great food and local house vines. Highly recommend.
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Mihaela Hanganu
1 ianuarie 2018 19:54

good food, but the place could use a refurbish
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Diego Zingano
4 martie 2017 16:42

Disappointing service and regular food. It was not even crowded to excuse it
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cristina tepebag
7 iunie 2017 15:30

I had lunch there only once but everything was just perfect. Nothing to say.
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