Trattoria Buongiorno

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Lascar Catargiu 56, Victoriei, București

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Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei este prima locație în care Buongiorno și-a întâmpinat clienții cu delicioasele mâncăruri italienești.

Situată într-o frumoasă clădire istorică, Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei își primește oaspeții într-o casă boierească, din centrul capitalei, realizată într-un stil neo-românesc, care te invită să te imaginezi în alt secol. Anumite detalii și decorațiuni ale nobilei case, cum ar fi tavanele înalte discret pictate sau candelabrul din sticlă de Murano, nu fac decât să îi încânte pe cei care aleg să se înfrupte cu un prânz rapid sau cu o cină specială în zona pietei Victoriei.

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T Tiberiu
4 iunie 2017 21:04 Rezervat în data de 3 iunie 2017 prin

Locul arata bine, dar mancarea lasa de dorit nu ptr un restaurant ci mai mult ca de o cantina. Cu siguranta nu voi mai reveni.

Matus Hricik
17 aprilie 2019 07:51

Very good food. Pizza was spot on, so was pasta.

Knowing it’s actually a franchise and not just one restaurant makes it even better.

Food quality is great, service professional. The restaurant itself looks super cosy.
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Flavy T
13 februarie 2019 11:32

Beautiful atmosphere, beautiful architecture, a very nice place. I love their pizzas and desserts.
I also enjoyed very much the service.
They also have lots of offers with the Out for food app.
The prices are moderate to high.
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Tunde Ogu
11 aprilie 2019 01:43

Very very very rude staff.
Came in to meet friends that were there to have a meal.
I didn’t understand the menu and was asking the waiter who understood English basic questions about an ingredient that was in Romanian.
Before I knew it, she flipped and was aggressive towards me that I should make my choice.
Obviously in shock, as I couldn’t believe what just happened, I declined to place an order and stuck with just the beer I had instead of continuing to patronize a place that had no respect for me with my hard earned cash.
I’m not sure what your experience might be, but I can tell you mine wasn’t pleasant.
We left straight away.
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Sorin Susnea
22 februarie 2019 19:38

While normally this is a decent restaurant and probably the best fairly priced option in the area, today I had to wait 55 minutes for a pizza and they completely forgot about part of our order. Moreover, when we complained about it the waiter told us it is not his fault and explained we should not complain because it is Friday and therefore very busy.
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Gabriel Gheorghe
1 aprilie 2019 14:31

Well done to TB team! Somehow they manage quite well the rush hour at noon time, with a smile and with kindness, even when things progress rapidly to a chaos in other restaurants!
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