Trattoria Buongiorno

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Lascar Catargiu 56, Victoriei, București
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Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei este prima locație în care Buongiorno și-a întâmpinat clienții cu delicioasele mâncăruri italienești.

Situată într-o frumoasă clădire istorică, Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei își primește oaspeții într-o casă boierească, din centrul capitalei, realizată într-un stil neo-românesc, care te invită să te imaginezi în alt secol. Anumite detalii și decorațiuni ale nobilei case, cum ar fi tavanele înalte discret pictate sau candelabrul din sticlă de Murano, nu fac decât să îi încânte pe cei care aleg să se înfrupte cu un prânz rapid sau cu o cină specială în zona pietei Victoriei.

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T Tiberiu
4 iunie 2017 21:04 Rezervat în data de 3 iunie 2017 prin

Locul arata bine, dar mancarea lasa de dorit nu ptr un restaurant ci mai mult ca de o cantina. Cu siguranta nu voi mai reveni.

22 iunie 2019 20:28

Some local friends brought me here - I would never have found this venue on my own. An unexpected oasis right in the middle of the city - who would have expected that?!? Great, helpful friendly staff; loved the food. I insisted making something small and petite for me to which they wholeheartedly complied (grilled meat & veggies) - exactly what I needed! Some of my friends took a big bottle of homemade Palinka with them - which did not pose any problem (to my surprise). Ah - gotta love the Romanians!
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Silviu Georgian
14 august 2019 15:19

Food is hit and miss. Some plates we tried were good, others not so much. Staff is polite, but they bring your spoons by holding them from the part you eat with. Will not go here again.
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M. Tr.
30 iulie 2019 21:45

Place is nice. I was a little bit surprised that in Italian restaurant where nobody speak Italian.. so it will Italian here just a food?
I order bruschetta the 🍞 was not so well toasted after that i order a steak (very very good)
I can say good restaurant
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Jarek Kowalski
22 mai 2019 23:22

This is the place to have good quality mussels! Been there dozens if times and each one is worth it! This time, for a change, I found small pearls in my food! :) check the photos! I guess Xmas present for my mom seems already secured! ;)
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Adrian Zatreanu
16 iulie 2019 20:48

Totally worth going here. The pizza and pasta are amazing.

Additionally, the wine selection is pretty vast and the waiters will help you choose the right wine for your food and will always be available to you.
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