Tirol Bucuresti

Strada Cauzasi 27, Unirii, București
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"Nu există dragoste mai sinceră decît dragostea pentru mâncare." George Bernard Shaw

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Păreri despre "Tirol Bucuresti"

Neil Mortimer
5 februarie 2018 18:24

This restaurant is attached to a hotel, and has a very nice appearance. I had to enter through the hotel since the street entrance was locked. I had dinner there on a Monday night at about 5:30 PM, and for the first 15 minutes or so I was the only customer until one other fellow came in for a meal. I'm not sure what they do at other times of the day, but I was surprised that they had a television set to the history channel with the volume set quite high. I had no intention of learning about East Germany's "Romeo Spies" over dinner, and I would have preferred being left to my own thoughts. I asked the waiter to mute the television, but either that was not an option or he just didn't know exactly what the word mute meant. He turned the volume down to a more tolerable level, though, which was an improvement. Without the television, it would have been a nice meal and atmosphere.
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Alexander Brun
3 mai 2019 17:36

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Andreea Grama
20 aprilie 2017 21:31

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Gabi P.
15 noiembrie 2018 08:20

Mancarea slaba, preparatele comerciale...
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Marco M.
5 iulie 2018 12:57

Discreto, prezzi medio-alti per la media rumena (bassi per la media europea comunque)
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