TimeOut Cafe

Olari 7a, Moșilor, București

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Fie ca sunteti pasionati de Darts, Poker, Rummy, Table, Sah sau Foosball, ori de jocuri digitale precum Xbox, PlayStations si Wii, in cafeneaua noastra puteti alege jocul preferat din nenumarate variante pe care vi le oferim. Tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa va invitati prietenii, iar noi vom avea grija sa va bucurati din plin de fiecare moment petrecut in localul nostru.

Asadar, indiferent ca doriti numai sa serviti o cafea aromata cu un prieten apropiat, sa urmariti meciul echipei favorite sau sa va intreceti cu prietenii la diverse jocuri, Time Out Cafe va garanteaza momente de neuitat!

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Iuliu Cristian Vlăducu
22 noiembrie 2017 07:44

While the prices are very good, ranging from 5 to 15 RON/h per table for board games, there may be a few customers who are noisy and the staff won't do anything about them because "they are frequent customers". And I mean really loud.

I wouldn't visit this place again too soon, because of that. Also, for some reason, it seems like the place where things usually get stolen. It didn't happen to me, but to someone else. After that happened, I have been contacted (because someone saw my public check-in on Facebook) and been made to almost feel harassed, as if I were the thief. Yes, there are security cameras, but I don't know how reliable they are. Apparently, not very since someone was doing justice on their own.

The tables aren't wide enough for bigger groups of players (larger than 4 people).
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Nica Teo
24 august 2017 22:35

Nice place! Great prices and a lot of games which you can play with your friends! But, serving is wayyy too slow..!
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david maundrell
11 octombrie 2017 03:58

Lots of board games and good coffee, located away from other cafes.
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Dragoș Cristache
23 august 2017 23:09

While the prices are good and the variety of games is ok, the place is very noisy, not because of players but because of "frequent customers" that cannot be be asked to turn down the TV volume. I'd not come here again.
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Gartoi Andreea - Ina
10 septembrie 2017 16:04

The perfect place for a games night with your friends
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