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Strada Nițu Vasile 39, Berceni, București
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Tifalis nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
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28 iulie 2019 01:16

Fresh food, location for small events, a friendly place for those who do not want fitze ..... Friendly staff. Recommended!
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22 martie 2018 11:13

There are two salons for events with a very good and cheap menu. I recommend you to go to weddings, christenings on the name day, etc. You will not regret other parties.
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16 aprilie 2014 14:23

We tried to make the 2014 New Year's Eve there ............. but when we got to the premises we couldn't believe what we paid and what we found. Although we had been assured that we would be MAXIMUM 80 people, we were surprised to find that we were only 140-150 people. Let me not forget to mention that in the upstairs room (where we were re-examined) there is also a separate room where there was a small "Stone Cross".
We were "lucky". I had a reserved table, but there were groups that paid for the place and had nowhere to stay.
The menu I think was ffffffffffff salty ............. because it was stored on the floor. We managed to get our money back on the tickets and we didn't get to "enjoy it". To our grandfather! Maybe I could get to the hospital.
I hope she was fined, considering that the Police had also arrived there.
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17 octombrie 2019 16:22

Not bad
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16 februarie 2016 00:03

I did the wedding two years ago. Everything was ok.
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