Sushi Ko - Baneasa

Soseaua Bucuresti - Ploiesti 42D, Băneasa, București

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La doar 5 minute de Aeroportul International Henri Coanda, este localizat in interiorul complexului Baneasa Shopping Center.

Situat in nordul Bucurestiului, chiar la intrarea in oras.

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Claudiu Orban
20 aprilie 2019 08:44

Good sushi (nothing spectacular) but crazy expensive
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Rucsandra Raduta
21 februarie 2019 11:34

One of the nicest sushi restaurants in bucharest. Good food, broad variety and friendly staff.
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Stoian Alin
12 februarie 2019 17:58

Food is tasty and there is a poshy look on the restaurant but so are the prices
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Gabriel Giurca
5 ianuarie 2019 22:54

Overall ok but food quality lacks at least for the prices they're asking. A sushi menu is 20$ and up and at this price I would consider way higher quality than that. Make it 10$ and it's more or less a match for the quality received. Or hire a new chef or whatever, at 20$ the quality was similar to carrefour's 7$ sushi and that's unaceptable. There's way better alternatives out there so unless you have a craving for sushi on the spot don't go to a mediocre and expensive place.
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Marius Manescu
12 noiembrie 2018 14:19

Sushi at this restaurant is not what it used to be. We have felt side effects (sick) few hours after having lunch there ... never again !
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