Studio 80

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Aleea Privighetorilor 80, Băneasa, București

Preț Fine dining

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Va asteptam intr-o atmosfera calda si joviala, la nevoie intima si discreta, departe de tumultul cotidian, sa va convingem ca atuurile Mediteranei nu sunt numai rezultatul locurilor in care s-au nascut si al istoriei, ci si al pasiunii cu care ni le-am insusit si cu care le-am unit sub numele de STUDIO 80!

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Claudia Nicole Anton
25 aprilie 2019 16:27

This is my favorite restaurant and by far, all the foods that I've eaten have been delicious! I've been here with some friends multiple times and they enjoyed it too. I usually it the Cappellacci pasta or the Risotto with goat cheese. The staff is very nice and polite and the place as a whole is just perfect to me, with the relaxing music in the background and the pretty furniture.
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Ioan Perdum
5 martie 2019 09:16

Nice place with good food and lots of space. It's good for small events. I didn't like the toilet.
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daniel rosie
21 octombrie 2018 10:53

Good service and very nice location. Food is good but the price is very high for ROMANIA
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Valeria Lescae
8 august 2018 18:39

Wow, good food , good drinks and a beautiful and cosy place, this is THE ONE . The service was perfect also with the kids . For the family and friends it's a place to go and ENJOY. For sure we'll be back !! *STUDIO 80*
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Anonymous YouTuber
22 august 2018 01:07

Upscale dining at the edge of Bucharest and nature. Good choice of music and even better food!
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