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Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 6, Politehnica, București
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Atmosfera studenteasca, preturi studentesti, distractie maxima

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Sorin Miciu
9 august 2019 21:53

When you want to go to that "remember 100 years ago when we were hanging in here" place with a friend, it seems perfect. Maybe you'll meet someone you already know, maybe you'll just drink a beer remembering the simpler times.
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Adrian Zatreanu
16 iulie 2019 20:46

Probably one of the top choices for all students, with great music and great people.

Initially the place was known for cheap beer but now it has adjusted to local pub prices.

The food is decent but the beer selection is great!
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Fagu C Aurelian
7 iunie 2019 20:59

Cool place, has tables with benches inside and four or more people tables outdoors, all of them having an ash tray. A bit crowded, witch makes it it noisy, but not enough to spoil the conversation with your table buddies. Prices ar fair and both food and a decent variety of popular beers can be found here.
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Zoltán Germán-Salló
20 iulie 2019 14:33

Good for hanging out with friends and the prices are friendly. It can get noisy, so if you are not into that, choose a more quiet place. I recommend it especially to students.
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Razvan Draghici
12 mai 2019 15:29

Student pub is not a place, it's an experience. To review it would be doing a disservice to all the great memories I've made here over the years. To the untrained eye it can look like your average cheap booze bodega. But it's so much more. There's a perpetual feeling of fun when you enter the door. So do yourself a favor, grab a few friends and roll on down for some good memories.
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