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Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 6, Politehnica, București

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Atmosfera studenteasca, preturi studentesti, distractie maxima

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Cosmin Bucuresteanu
10 aprilie 2019 22:20

Situated near "Afi park cotroceni" this pub is pretty small . It.s got a generous outside part for smokers and a small inside room. Only one little bathroom for both men and women . But over all the prices are decent , though I recommend not to buy any kind of food from there as the sandwiches they got are not fresh.
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Tudor Iliescu
13 martie 2019 16:29

It's a great place to get drunk with friends. Do not expect high class or fancy stuff but certainly expect tons of good romanian beer :D
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vlad cruceanu
5 aprilie 2019 09:33

Best place to stay and drink! :)
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Andrei Jurca
25 martie 2019 22:47

Awesome place to spend some time
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Velcea Gabriel
16 martie 2019 16:19

Best place to be if you are student
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