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Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 6, Politehnica, București

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Atmosfera studenteasca, preturi studentesti, distractie maxima

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10 septembrie 2018 16:28

A cosy bar that attracts young people with a good selection of drinks at a very competitive price.
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Adi B.
10 iulie 2018 18:15

Overall my experience sucked. But My friend said the shaorma was not bad and Prices were not bad.
Asked for a lemonade with no sugar and they messed up then the barman re-used the same already squeezed lemons for my new one. Tasted like water with lemon, not a lemonade! What else do they re-use??
Service was not good. Waiter seemed inpatient and had attitude and extremely slow. Seemed short staffed.
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Cioangher Constantin
3 august 2018 11:44

Awesome place for students to go. It has food and drinks of all kinds + cool music. You can also smoke on the terrace.
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24 iulie 2018 19:33

Nice quiet place, with rock style, non stop open, self service, the people are treating you with indiference. I am going here for 1 year and the people there are lazy and careless with the clients. Have a good beer!
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Dana Bolohan
22 mai 2018 21:59

Great people to hang out with and amazing staff! Friendly and fun to be around! I've been coming here for 7 years and not once did i had someting to complain about.
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