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Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 6, Politehnica, București

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Daniel Lazaroiu
15 ianuarie 2019 20:50

The beer is cold and pretty cheap, the vibe is good, but there are some oldies that don't have they're place there. Otherwise the place is still great.
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Mihai Stefan
22 octombrie 2018 17:08

It's an ok place to go to with your friends for a couple of beers and some fast food. The atmosphere is ok. The prices are pretty good.
Though I don't like that it is very very cramped.. It is hard to manoeuvre around the pub because of all the tables.
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Cioangher Constantin
3 august 2018 11:44

Awesome place for students to go. It has food and drinks of all kinds + cool music. You can also smoke on the terrace.
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Pavel Vlad
27 noiembrie 2018 09:39

Decent place with lots students of Politehnica and quite cheap foods and beverages, even for Romania. If you want to spend some time drinking a beer, a tea and spending time with friends in a talkative way, or playing a board game, or even eating something (I haven't eaten there but it looked very intersting the menu and diverse) you can go there with a relaxed perspective and enjoy it like in the times of university yesrs.
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Daniel S
12 noiembrie 2018 11:08

Good prices and great atmosphere. Nice place for a beer with a friend.
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