Smart's Pub & Bistro

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Donici Alexandru 14, Armenească, București
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Smart's a renascut mai proaspat si mai vioi ca niciodata, pe aceeasi strada linistita si in acelasi cadru intim de langa Maria Rosetti.

Va asteptam pe Alexandru Donici nr. 14 cu un meniu nou-nout, semnat de Chef Mihai Munteanu, si o selectie de vinuri care sa va indemne sa ne calcati pragul cu drag, mereu.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


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andreea troneci
23 decembrie 2016 13:40

This is definitely one of my favourite places to go and eat with my family. Also, they have delicious pasta and other dishes served by funny, friendly and kind staff. This is the kind of cozy place you need in winter to go and drink some hot chocolate or mulled wine.
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23 decembrie 2016 08:57

love the place! New owner, new look, new menu, NEW CHEF! Worth visiting. Awesome place. Service 10/10.
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Lucy Victoria
30 iulie 2017 22:53

They brought one plate out about 15 minutes after the rest. Food was disgusting, was so burnt it was like I was eating wood. We sent it back and asked for a refund but the waiter said he phoned the manager (so he hadn't actually seen the food) and the manager had said the food was fine and if we didn't pay the waiter would have to. So we paid for the inedible meal.
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Madalin Chirila
3 februarie 2017 17:43

Not paying your staff, that is not smart. Not paying Beatrice? That is just stupid.
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Paula Gardner
30 iulie 2017 22:35

Awful. Left a nasty taste in my mouth in more ways than one. Food was bad and and i had my meal five minutes after everyone else had finished theirs. When I queried paying the full bill waiter said he would have to pay it if I didn't. I paid but i certainly won't be going back.
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